Thursday, May 31, 2012

{Take My Eyes But Not My Cheese}

My poor lil' bubs! As seen with some help from a photo editing app that makes it a bit more red + noticeable you can see that lil' man is having some skin issues. SO to the ped we went yesterday and come to find out this is likely a food allergy via my milk. JOY!

Now don't be jealous but I have a mandatory diet now that limits me to basically fresh meat, vegetables and fruit. Guidelines are no wheat {is there even any food that does not contain wheat?!}, nuts {WAIT isn't this a healthy snack}, fish {goodbye my beloved sushi}, eggs {weekend breakfast is gonna blow} and diary {WHAT?! Seriously!? I'm known as the mac and cheese connoisseur.} 


No more Chipotle tortillas {I am a burrito girl but now must convert to the bowl} no more delicious Starbucks treats behind the glass {my lemon pound cake...I'm missing you already.} With my handy journal I'll be tracking my foods to ENSURE I'm sticking with this. 

I had a short stint with this diet when Reegan was 8 weeks old but it turned out to be her vesicoureteral reflux condition. BUT Reegan had what we thought was gas and as you can see Fletch has a whole diff sitch going some gas too. But yeah this skin issue is no bueno!

Here is the thing people I'm not that girl. The kind that orders salads, nibbles at her food daintily...I could be compared to Garfield and how do you think Garfield would feel if you told him he could not have lasagna?! So yeah this will be a challenge, there will be frustration and FOR SURE some tears BUT if it helps my babe then I'm ALL IN!!!

So I welcome your recipes, suggestions, advice and encouragement for the next 2-4 week to possibly a year. Another struggle on My Journey to 30...surprise, surprise! OK OK I'll quit kicking + screaming and won't feel sorry for myself...after all it's just food. Who needs it right?! Wait what! ;)

In addition to the food end of this Fletcher now gets drip dry baths every 3-4 days rather than daily. He gets two moisturizing sessions with fragrance + color free lotion and oil. We will also be changing our laundry soap + softener. We are using his soft brush on his scalp every day. AND he has a leaking tear duct {right eye} so that sucker gets massaged twice daily which he HATES! LOL! But as I said before...I'm all in! :)



Jess Flecky said...

Poor lil bubs. Poor you. I am definitely not envious of your new diet. I would DIE without dairy. I am too like Garfield in that I scarf EVERYTHING! LMAO But I didn't get your knockout figure to go along with. No, I got Garfield's figure! LOL

bridechilla said...

OMG JESS! You're ridic! Haha! I love you but you're ridic! He def is not picture ready any time soon. :(

Anonymous said...

Love this post! So funny that pretty much everything you LOVE eating will now be a goner!!! Don't worry though baby, I'm all in with you (except for when you can't see me), just don't ask what I ate for lunch that day :-) Even with the skin irritations, he is still one cute kid.


Leslie Fleming said...

Your new diet is very similar to what is called the Paleo or Caveman diet. My family eats very closely to it and we have seen dramatic improvements in a variety of ways. My husband and son both have alot of allergies and since switching to all fresh veggies, fruit and gluten or dairy...everyone feels and looks alot better! It will suck at first, no joke, but stick with it because you will learn to love new foods and there are alot of yummy (kid friendly) recipes out there. (My fav cookbook...and I'm no "Eat Like A Dinosaur" was written by a couple with 3 kiddos so all recipes had to get the kiddos' approvals.) I also use alot for recipes.

Andrea Dupuis said...

Ugh So sorry to hear that! Madison broke out in a terrible rash as well. It would get worse and worse every day right after she ate, it looked much worse than your handsome lil man (if that makes you feel better)! We went to our pediatrician and they said it was "viral". That I couldnt believe, so I was talking to my mother in law and Matt had a dairy allergy as well. (In addition, Madison wouldnt latch so I was solely pumping. That meant 20 minutes to pump 20 minutes to feed and 10 minutes to wash bottles every time she ate... EXHAUSTING!) Anyway, so the two things combined, I gave up breastfeeding. I didn't think I could handle the addes stress of checking every label. Looking back now, I wish I would have changed my diet. I wish I was still breastfeeding (or pumping). The day after I gave Maddie soy formula her rash went away! So my advice is dont give up! Fletcher will be a healthier lil bub in the long run!! Best of Luck!!

bridechilla said...

I know daddy! I was thinking the same thing!!!! Look at that lil smirk on the top right. LOL! Love our cutie boy!


Andrea I hear you! It's SO HARD! I quit after a week or so on my try with Reegan but with Fletch I'm def stickin' it out. That's cray how Madison had the same prob x 2! It's def pretty common thing that the wee ones go through. It just stinks having to alter my diet + make sure I'm still eating well. Sometimes being so busy I have to just grab whatever I can so I'm going to have to do more meal planning. But overall it will be a healthy diet and I'm determined to figure out what is causing this for him.