Tuesday, May 8, 2012

{Terrible...Terribly Wonderful}

Well it happened! Reegan started to get into watching TV...and No! That is not what is terribly wonderful. She is starting to gain independence. It convienient sure, but it makes me nervous because she is starting to grow up faster and faster.

Last night Ryan and I were in the garage for a couple minutes and I propped the door open expecting her to cry and run around the corner when she realized we were gone but that never came. She kept herself busy watching TV. I couldn't help but think this morning that before I know it I will be able to get ready for work every morning GAURENTEED and even get a full night of sleep. I was texting my hubs about it...how I can + can't wait for this time. He said he wants them to stay young. 

I can't help but look forward to new adventures + stages that are coming in the future. But the thought of leaving these stages behind is HEARTBREAKING! I practically breakdown in tears when I look at Reegan's baby pics and she isn't even two yet. How will I cope when she is off to school, starts to drive, goes to prom, gets married, etc.?! 

So this brings me to the terrible...terribly WONDERFUL part. As a fairly new parent of two I can only describe it as utter chaos. I get sidetracked, distracted, scatter brained and I feel more disorganized than I have in my entire life. My wheels spin and I have found myself admitting to others that I don't think I'm good at any one thing anymore. And you know what it's terrible!...TERRIBLY WONDERFUL. Because rather than sitting around cleaning a junk drawer or cleaning my grout with a toothbrush I'm watching a two month old develop at lightening speed and teaching my almost two year old how to brush her teeth. So the utter chaos that is my current life is something I wouldn't trade for the world and will be something I will wish for in the future. :)

xo - {Rache}

PS Reegan is dancing to a commercial with a lil banana and his dad...he's singing banana na na na na na na na na! She made us watch this at least 10 times in a row. LOL!


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