Monday, May 28, 2012


Twinkle. This is one of the few songs that Reegan will ask for during nap time, bedtime, etc. Twinkle {Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star}, Happy {You Are My Sunshine}, Jesus {Jesus Loves Me This I Know}, etc..she will say one of these titles or list each one off interrupting your singing until she finally settled on one. Well tonight there was no Twinkle, no Happy, none of the songs. Tonight Reegan went to bed like a big girl. I laid her in her crib and told her it was time to go to bed. She chatted for a little bit, put her feet in the air and let them crash down with a thud on her mattress {I remember doing this when I was younger too}, tossed + turned a bit, wiggled her feet through the slates in her crib and finally she was OUT! I love that my baby girl is taking the steps that she needs to in life but part of me {and daddy} would be happy to rock her to sleep for as long as she would let us. I know that this isn't the last time I get to rock her to sleep but it just makes me realize, once again, how very fast she/they are growing. :(

Enjoy her long lashes and lil' tootsies in this pic of her first night going to bed BIG GIRL style! ;)

xo - {Rache}


Cherise said...

Super cute! I love the lights too :) I love it it when my kids hang their feet out of their crib. It is adorable!

Rachel Harding said...

Thanks Cherise! You're little angel is uber sweet! I couldn't believe your thankful everything turned out OK. xo!