Wednesday, May 30, 2012

{What is in a Name?!}

I think that Shakespeare had it know a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. Yada yada yada. Did I just yada yada uada Shakespeare?! hmmm...prob one of those people you don't pull a Costanza on. LOL! 

ANYWAY the point of this post would be baby names. Parents, when selecting a baby name it's seriously the MOST important + tedious process. Racking your brain + racking your brain + bickering with your spouse + racking your brain....then the clouds part, the heavens shine down and BOOM a name of the wee one is decided upon. Honestly, I think to myself it's important it really is but it's not everything. 

How did Fletcher get his name? SUPER meaningful + so much thought + racking our brains went into this. Reegan's babysitter lives in Fletcher Heights {will upload proof very soon.} Ahhhhh Hahaha! So yeah like all the rents out there we had a list of top names. I came up with Reegan Taylor Harding SO daddy selected Fletcher Wayne Harding. And CHHHECK that was that.

Fletcher was added to the list by moi but can I be honest? It wasn't my number one choice. We had Ryder, Remington, Anders, Kellan, Cullen, and Collins. But let me tell you why none of those work.

Ryder Harding - UMMM if you can't figure this one out I don't know what to say about that. He would be either high-fived constantly by the high school boys or be the laughing stock. 

Remington - Reegan can't say it...daddy and I were recently talking about this topic and we tested Reegan so that's how I know a family of R's is cute but not our/my thing.

Anders - WAS OUR FINAL PICK then Anders Behring Breivik the Norway camp shooter changed that on us. Very sad! :(

Kellen, Cullen, Collins - LOVE them all but yeah guess daddy wasn't sold.

Well guess what?! Taking pics of my smile turkey {like that new nickname? It's because he is ALWAYS smiling and look at that gobbler! LOL!} I labeled it Faces of Fletch and I thought to myself he truly is a Fletcher...not a Ryder or Remington or Anders. His name fits him. It's perfect just like amazing, wonderful him. 

Anyway I just wanted to share my thoughts on this topic + share the Fletcher name origination + let you see his cutie mug {which face is your fav?! Ummm bottom left?! I can't, I just can't!!! Looking at it warrants some serious laughter!}

"Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you." Jeremiah 1:5


Vanessa said...

Love this post! Glad you shared. Top left just EXUDES utter baby joy.

Auntie Heather said...

I totally agree! I couldn't imagine him as anyone other than Fletcher! Middle pic top row, you can see how happy he is even in his eyes! He loves his momma so much!!! :D

Rachel Harding said...

I think the bottom left is my fav well really the whole bottom row...I MEAN LOOK AT THAT NECK GOBBLER! I die for his rolls but COME ON the neck too. Hearts!

Andrea said...

I just read this... Matt's #1 name was Remington!! Small world I had never heard it before!

I Like Fletcher!

Rachel Harding said...

Andrea last names for first names is my thing with boys. I just like strong names that are kinda unique. Turner and Kingston were some other favs. Random fact our nurse who was a midwife from Englad would say "Fletcha" and it was so cute. If I wasn't already sold she made it happen for me. Right then and there. LOL!