Saturday, June 30, 2012

{Post Worthy Pics}

AKA Fill in the Blank FriiiiiSaturday! Wondering if I'll ever ever ever get done with things on time anymore! :/ But my week has been unusual CRAZY + I was getting ready for Reegan's Bookworm photoshoot we had this morning. I may or may not have included the sample picture that Flecky Fotography sent me twice. LOL!

I'm linking up with the little things we do because I recently started to followed Lauren on Intsa and pretty much obsessed with her style and her wee one is just too cute for words! Anyway I loved her post on [color] so I'm snagging some of her creativity!

Here are a sample of some color pics that I love!!!






[mint green]






because I knew you would want to see it again

Thursday, June 21, 2012

{A Magnificent Mother's Day}

The highlight of my Mother's Day was the addition of our SWEET SCARLETT to the family. But the celebration with my family came the weekend before we left for Austin, TX when my AMAZING hubs treated me to a trip to one of my absolute favorite places in the world. The Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix, AZ where I became a Harding + wife years ago. This is also becoming a family tradition to take the kidlets to the butterfly exhibit as one of their very first big trips in public.

I'm linked with one of my all time favs Coconut Robot!

Reegan did better than expected in the butterfly exhibit. No butterflies were harmed in the making of this picture + our trip...or at least not by Reegan! ;)

How cute are my peeps?! Reegan was super excited to be in Reegansssssssss stroller...Fletch was elated about this trip as you can clearly see above. LOL!

We headed straight for the butterflies. This time around there was a variety of species...last time we took Reegan it was only Monarchs {super fun fact....not!}

Seriously though...doesn't my family make you melt?! Come on! Cuteness overload!

We LOVED these black and neon green {of course if you know me you know I LOVE those florescents} family fav...I know I know more fun facts. TEE HEE!

Then we headed out to see the rest of the garden. We figured we better while we were ahead aka the butterflies had survived Reegan. LOL!

I. AM. CHEESY! I know there was a picture of Reegan in this butterfly painting...hmmm! Bahaha!

After a quick snack stop we decided to head out to get a good lunch and shop for a bit.

How amazing is the Chihuly agave sculpture at the garden entrance?! Probably one of my favorite parts of the garden. Of course my favorite exhibit is neon green...duh!

We enjoyed lunch at Bisonwitches where mommy spilled hot soup all over my lap...AWESOME! SHEESH! And Reegan and Fletcher got us all the attention from every single waitress in the place. :)

After we thoroughly trashed our area...OOPS...hey we did clean it up people...we headed home. The day was perfection!!!!

{A Fletcha Lectucha}

Little man LOVES to talk {taken on Father's Day}...hmmmm wonder where he gets that from?! I know I know...he sure does have a lot to say! Enjoy!

{Reegan + Daddy Fashions}

I'm linked to Imprintalish to show of this "cute" kidlet. LOL!

This is glorious! That is all! And dancing too...EVEN. BETTER!

{The Deals | Summer Fun}

I'm linked to A Night Owl!

Got some fun summer clothes that were clearanced at Target {my fav} and had to brag share on Z Blog! The two shirts on the top row were $2 each, the swim suit was $1.80 {$3.80 plus $2 off coupon}, the shorts wee $1.60 and the Little Miss Sunshine tee $1.80 {$3.80 plus $2 off coupon} and I'm converting this tee into a pillow for my niece and hairbands for a few of my fav girls! Stay tuned for the results! Total retail cost would have been $41 and I paid around $9. Yeah buddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

{Fletcher's Skin Issue | The Diagnosis}

So I had to share the before and after on the Fletcher skin front. He was diagnosed with eczema {goodbye diet} and prescribed hydrocortisone cream last Friday. THE. NEXT. DAY. his skin showed improvement. The red irritated patches were fading to soft pink patches that were not as dry + irritated + raised. He is currently sporting nearly perfect + clear skin. I snapped some pics the other day because if you know me you KNOW I love me some comparisions. So thankful that our + your prayers were answered and the He put us down the right path to get our boy all fixed up.

I am one happy momma!!!

PS How CUTE is this chubs of ours?! Those cheeks get me EVERY TIME!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

{The Deals | Bookworm IV - Themed Thrift}

So I recently thrifted my heart out and found some MAJOR gems! My vintage book haul was enough to stop my heart! Found the Velveteen Rabbit HARDCOVER {$1.99...I know, I know! How?! I. Don't. Know.} and probably called my sister a bazillion times to tell her that my niecypoo is gonna be set on her Easter basket. There was also The Darling Book for Girls {$2.99} + George & Martha {$1.99} and so many, many more. I photoed a few of my favs here. The plan for some of these guys is that they will be party favors at Reegan's 2nd birthday party. The kids will get canvas library bags and will be able to pick one each. :)

I  also found an amazing globe that already has a new look for $9.99. This will be part of Reegan's Bookworm Party Decor.

And this pretty little metal plate was going to be a kitchen chalk board but I decided I like it JUST THE WAY it is and will use as a catch all. I just die for the shape of this!!!

Other buys that got my blood pumping were a Le SportSac travel tote for $5.99 {seen in the top right box of the collage above.} Guys this bags is MINT doesn't have the tags but it looks like it should! It retails for $98+ and it's my first one. I was excited about the pattern too becasue I L.O.V.E it! This might be my new pump carrier and drop my usual three bag minimum down to one! Yatzee!!!!!

Which item of mine is your fav + do you want to snatch up + run away with like Phoebe from Friends?! LOL!