Thursday, June 7, 2012

{Bath Time Comparison}

Hey people it's that time again! Same Puj tub, same house, but different kidlet. I think in most of the pics Reegan + Fletch look like twinners but in this one you can DEF see that there is a difference in their face shape. What do you think? Identical? No? 

Side note: I was ÜBER bummed that I couldn't get Fletch to put his hands in his mouth like Reegan was....cause really if you know him at all you know his hands are ALWAYS in his mouth unless the bottle is blocking their way that is...which actually is kinda often since he is such a lil' piggy.LOL!


JenAStreet said...

They look SOO much alike!

Rachel Harding said...

You think so!? I thought they are starting to get their own looks. ;)