Wednesday, June 6, 2012

{The Deals | Beauty in a Bag}

So I LOVE Rosanna Inc. creations and even registered there when I was getting married for some gorgeous tableware. WELL they came out with these AMAZING totes. Think more of a beach + picnic tote...the leather is not very heavy duty. BUT I thought for $44 it was a total bargain splurge. Well whatever...I'm ALL ABOUT this look. 

See my coral craze is not only in my wardrobe + accessories but the crafts too! 

Anyway I saw these and you know I got on it and pre-ordered. Last time I checked you could purchase them by adding to your shopping cart but it looks like they might be out of stock just call them. It's easy peasy!!! Anyways get yours too and let me know if you do + what color!!! I was this close |   | to getting teal and mustard...but if you know me + my twin we are ALL ABOUT grey + stripes and have I mentioned coral lately?! LOL!

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