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{The Crafts | Bow Tie Rosette}

Photo courtesy of Flecky Fotography

So who ISN'T IN LOVE with the whole bow tie wearing mustache makin' fads!?!?! I sure am! I have already started planning for my NOT EVEN four month old son's first birthday party {Mustache + Bowtie + Lil' BIG Man theme} in February because....I'm so excited... and I just can't hide it! I know, I know, I know...LOL! Cheesy I know. ;)

Anyways! I have handmade tons and tons and tons of rosette headbands and seen SO MANY variations out there and I LOVE THEM ALL! But I was just playing around with headbands for the angel seen above and put a new, fun spin on the classic rosette and LUCKY for you I'm sharing the How To so that you can do this on your own. :D


Here goes:

1 Start with two long, skinny strips of fabric. I used a light pink cotton fabric and a yellow silk taffeta. PINK = about 1.5 inches wide x 24 inches long maybe. YELLOW = 1.5 inches wide by 6 inches long.Those are just guesstimates. Just make sure you have a long strip for the main rosette part...short pieces will give you teeny tiny rosettes. You've been warned. ;)

You'll notice the edges are unfinished. Most of the time my rosettes are the unfinished, raw look. That's what I like but if you prefer a clean look just make the edges are on the inside of your fold OR sew {YUCK} it together and turn inside out...which sounds like no fun at all. Haha!

2 Tie the strips of fabric together in a knot.

Two pictures in case you forgot how to tie a knot...or MAYBE I was being SUUUUUUPER thorough with picture decide! ;) 

3 Hold the silk bow tie fabric up, up and away from the cotton rosette fabric. When I start out with wrapping the rosette I hold the silk part up so that I'm sure not to get hot glue on the fabric. It's personally preference so do what works best for you! ;)

4 Begin, wrapping, twisting and gluing. Rosette making is simply twisting, wrapping and gluing over and over and over again. So you can just follow the pictures and see how it's done. There are also TONS of YouTube videos on how to make these fabric flowers if my pics don't cut the cake.

5 Make a good base. I start by gluing the fabric around the knot once without twisting or anything. This makes a thicker, cleaner surface to glue the wrapping + twisting fabric to.

6 Let's twist! So you start are series of twists or folds over and over again. I stop often to add a dab of hot glue so the rosette is sturdy and won't unravel...especially since I make most of my headbands for kidlets. :)I KNOW, I KNOW you're thinking my nails are terrible. EEK!

7 Get to gluin'! Here is the size of my dab of hot glue. You don't need much and save those fingers from getting burned right off the bat. 

8 Hey it's a rosette. After just a few folds you should start to see something resembling a little bud aka rosette. :)

9 More folding and twisting and gluing. Leave yourself a little fabric so you can fold it under the rosette back and by gluing it on the bottom it helps to reinforce your creation even more.

10 Making the bow tie. Now that you kept your silk up, up and away from the cotton rosette fabric you have a nice, clean piece to create the bow tie with. All you have to do is dab some hot glue on the back of the rosette and pull the silk TIGHT so there is no loose fabric. On this particular rosette I folded the bow tie edges under so it would looked a little more finished. With the bow tie rosette at the beginning of this post I left the edges raw. These were two different silk blends and the top silk blend fabric lent itself better for the raw look. 

There is my dab of glue again. Hey they don't call me mamarazzi for nothin'. ;)

11 Trim. Once you have both sides of the bow tie fabric glued down then trim the access silk off.

12 ALMOST THERE. Back view.

Front view.

12 Felt backing. You can use felt or even a little piece of the left over fabric {recommend cotton} to make backing that goes behind the elastic headband part. Make a circle about the size of the rosette. I usually use my kid's bottle storage lids. LOL! But you can use anything laying around the house.

13 Extra cotton fabric. Fold over the extra cotton fabric in the back and glue it down and trim it so it looks like the picture above. Also cut the elastic to size. My size chart:

newborn {13 1/4"}
3-6 months {14 1/2"}
6-12 months {16"}
12 mo- teen {17 1/2"}
Adult {18"}

So you should have the complete rosette, your elastic and your circle backing.

14 Put it all together. I glue the elastic to where both ends meet in the middle of the rosette back. I make a glue line and place the elastic on it until it dries a bit. 

Be careful if you are using thinner elastic not to burn those digits {fingers}! I know I'm such a mom!

Then I put a good amount {usually in a spiral motion and not one big glob} of hot glue on my felt circle and press it onto the back of my rosette.
The harder you press the more likely the hot glue will come through the fabric and kinda melt the felt but if you press to lightly it's not on there good yeah do a medium press. LOL!

This will conceal your elastic which reinforces it and makes a finished look. You need to let this dry for a while before you stretch it our or wear it because it can pull the elastic right out of place and that is NOT GOOD! 

15 ENJOY!...your pretty headband creations!!!! This collection was made for a pink lemonade themed photoshoot. HOW FUN IS THAT?!

Photo courtesy of Sapphire Eyes Photography

Photo courtesy of Sapphire Eyes Photography

Photo courtesy of Sapphire Eyes Photography

Photo courtesy of Sapphire Eyes Photography

Any additional problems + questions + suggestions can be directed to or just comment...I LOVE comments...I live for them!!! Thank you for checking me out + reading this entire posting. :)

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