Tuesday, June 19, 2012

{The Deals | Bookworm IV - Themed Thrift}

So I recently thrifted my heart out and found some MAJOR gems! My vintage book haul was enough to stop my heart! Found the Velveteen Rabbit HARDCOVER {$1.99...I know, I know! How?! I. Don't. Know.} and probably called my sister a bazillion times to tell her that my niecypoo is gonna be set on her Easter basket. There was also The Darling Book for Girls {$2.99} + George & Martha {$1.99} and so many, many more. I photoed a few of my favs here. The plan for some of these guys is that they will be party favors at Reegan's 2nd birthday party. The kids will get canvas library bags and will be able to pick one each. :)

I  also found an amazing globe that already has a new look for $9.99. This will be part of Reegan's Bookworm Party Decor.

And this pretty little metal plate was going to be a kitchen chalk board but I decided I like it JUST THE WAY it is and will use as a catch all. I just die for the shape of this!!!

Other buys that got my blood pumping were a Le SportSac travel tote for $5.99 {seen in the top right box of the collage above.} Guys this bags is MINT condition...it doesn't have the tags but it looks like it should! It retails for $98+ and it's my first one. I was excited about the pattern too becasue I L.O.V.E it! This might be my new pump carrier and drop my usual three bag minimum down to one! Yatzee!!!!!

Which item of mine is your fav + do you want to snatch up + run away with like Phoebe from Friends?! LOL!


Sista said...

Love the Le SportSac travel tote! It might just disappear on my next visit! ;)

Rachel Harding said...

I know right?! Courtney Broman got a run deal of the deals last weekend and she just COULD NOT believe that find! She said who would donate this?! I obvi agreed!

Colleen @ Mommy Panda said...

That globe makeover is really cool! I once found a LACOSTE clutch for .99! Thrifting is the beeest!

Cara-Mia said...

Love your scores! I think the book worm party theme is AMAZING! (I'm obviously an English major haha.) Such a cute idea. :)