Monday, June 18, 2012

{The Crafts | Bookworm III - DIY Washi Tape Globe}

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So projects for the upcoming Bookworm 2nd Birthday Party are well under weigh. I know you all saw the DIY desk project I completed and I knew I would have to track down a globe because what would a Bookworm party be without a globe?! So Friday was a thrifting day. I was able to run to Savers AND Goodwill and I'm so happy I made time for both because my haul was AMAZING! I was able to pick up TONS of vintage books, a globe, a utility lunch box, Melissa and Doug toys and much more. 

Anyway...I really liked the colors of the continents on this globe so it was SOLD in a heartbeat. I knew right away I would incorporate mint and pink tones on the base. This project was so quick and easy compared to the  three day desk project. I had this completed before end of the day on Friday and was beaming with pride. 

So first I cleaned this piece up a bit. THEN I had the mother of all ideas sneak into my brain. I wanted to add a fun pattern on the globe but wasn't sure how to accomplish this. I considered fabric {Liberty of London pattern} on the base but thought that might actually take away from the globe rather than add to it. I have a few rolls of washi tape and decided to give it a go. What's good about this tape is it is slightly opaque. Which is prefect in this case because it didn't hide the continent detail completely once added on the equator line.

Next I disassembled it all {sorry for the bad lighting of my evening project + the ugly blue tarp.}

Next I spray painted the mint colored parts {I used the professional Luiqitex spray paint again.} 

I then used the light pink {ballet slipper} spray paint from my desk project to transition from mint to a bright pink on the bottom.

Finally I made the base a bright pink to match the washi tape brilliance.

And the project is complete! Total project cost was around $20 but this was because I had to buy my mint and bright pink spray paint. Luckily I used my coupons and got the bright pink can for free. The thrifted globe was $9.99 which would have normally cost somewhere in the range of $35-$60 according to a quick Google shopping search. These paint supplies have ALREADY been used on a utility lunch box project. Stay tuned for the how to on that project that daddy even got involved with!!! I heart him!

Thanks for reading about this successful DIY project. Now you hunt those globes down and GIVE THEM SOME LOVE PEOPLE! You have to know that if you create a study area this fab for your own kidlets they are guaranteed to be scholarly boy + girl wonders! Haha!

And here is a sample of the globe in our bookworm + fake nerdy glasses photo shoot. How cute is this?! Special thanks to Flecky Fotography!

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Courtney said...

Clever!! I love the colors you used! Thanks for linking up! XO Courtney

Rachel Harding said...

Thanks Courtney! I just linked back to your + Kim's blog. I'm new at the linking up thing. Sheesh! LOL!

Jelli said...

This looks really good! I love the colors you used to freshen it up a lot. Found you from Courtney's blog. Thanks for sharing your DIY!

Rachel Harding said...

Thanks Jelli! I'm following you now too! :)

Lish @ Imprintalish said...

What a unique project!!!I love the colors you used! Thanks so much for linking up :)
Lish @ Imprintalish

Kimberly @ A Night Owl said...

you already know this...but i LOVE it! i've been on the hunt for a globe (or 20)...i love a good upcycle!


Rachel Harding said...

Mucho mucho thanks ladies! I had a vision and it came out exactly how I wanted! I CAN NOT wait to get professional pics to really show this off. :)