Tuesday, June 19, 2012

{Fabulous at Four Months}

So Friday was Fletcher's four month check! It doesn't seem possible that it was already time for his next check up...two months was five seconds ago but it does seem like a long time. I sound like a cray cray don't I...but parents out there you KNOW what I'm talkin' bout! 

wassss up?!
How could I smile when photoing this rash?!

He did awesome! Barely even cried about his shots. I thought Reegan was a trooper but this guy, yeah he has her beat. ;) His stats were 16.1 pounds {Reegan was 13.14 pounds....cray cray!}, 26 inches, 44 inch noggin...AS ALWAYS the pediatrician says tall, skinny, with a big head. I'm considering changing our blog name to this!!! LOL! Makes me wonder if she says it to everyone or if it's just us Hardings that are tall, skinny with big heads. Bahaha!

Here brother...let me get that for you!

Anyway I'm so proud of my guy for handling his eczema well and surving his sister that day. Was the busiest day of his life other than when he join the world I think! :(

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Anonymous said...

LOVE IT! Our little guy is growing so fast. He is a little trooper living through that crazy rash. I'm proud of him.