Monday, June 11, 2012

{The Deals | Fletcher + Monte}

Pretty sure they are a match made in heaven! ;)

So what's The Deal on this chair. Well I see SO MANY bloggers do Thrifty Thursday but a) what about the rest of the week? AND b) what about some items you simply CAN NOT find at a Thrift + Consignment Store?! In enters my glider search. It was long + weary + draining BUT I prevailed survived. I searched for months and didn't cave and buy something expensive after Fletch was born. 

I was hunting + searching + STALKING Craigslist for a MODERN GLIDER. People it's HARD to find certain things on CL within a certain price point. I mean modern baby furniture...forget it. It's straight loco that people actually pay retail for this stuff. But anyway back to CL...the sellers think of what they paid for an item + that they owned it and have these high expectations for buyers to pay top dollar. I wanna shake them in a friendly way bring to their attention that ultimately it's USED. Just like a thrift store. 

I found this beauty and fell in love. Retail for the package is $1,475. UM OUCH! That's a car. The CL listing was $700...nearly 50% off. Good right? Not enough for me. I contacted the buyer, they responded and then I low balled um. Didn't go well because I never heard back. Waited a weekish and then followed up again {I KNEW it wouldn't sell for $700.} Asked their LOWEST SELLING PRICE. They said it was $500. Still more than I wanted to pay. I had bartered and now it was time to trade to make the deal sweeter for me. I ended up throwing a Crate and Barrel cake stand {I never used it} into the deal to settle on $470 for this modern style gilder and matching ottoman. It was a great deal splurge but it's exactly what I was looking for. 

WE DO THRIFT: We went the Thift store route with Reegan's rocker and it ended up costing $200ish between the fabric cost + paying a family member to do it for us {we got hooked up.} And it was kinda a hassle so for this it proves to me that Mr. Monte was worth the buy. 

So remember if there is something you need and don't want to compromise on {brand, look, etc.} stalk CL like no other and it can be yours too! :)

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