Thursday, June 21, 2012

{Fletcher's Skin Issue | The Diagnosis}

So I had to share the before and after on the Fletcher skin front. He was diagnosed with eczema {goodbye diet} and prescribed hydrocortisone cream last Friday. THE. NEXT. DAY. his skin showed improvement. The red irritated patches were fading to soft pink patches that were not as dry + irritated + raised. He is currently sporting nearly perfect + clear skin. I snapped some pics the other day because if you know me you KNOW I love me some comparisions. So thankful that our + your prayers were answered and the He put us down the right path to get our boy all fixed up.

I am one happy momma!!!

PS How CUTE is this chubs of ours?! Those cheeks get me EVERY TIME!


Aubrey Kinch said...

I have eczema!
Totally treatable, and will fade in aging!

Good luck!

bridechilla said...

REALLY!? I had no idea! I'm just glad that for Fletcher it prob won't ever get that bad again because we have a big bottle of the cream now. :)