Monday, June 18, 2012

{Happy Father's Day | First with Fletch}

Well it was Ryan's first Father's Day with lil' man and what a prefect day it was! After a CRAZY couple of days...Sunday ended up being fairly chill. 

Pre-Daddy's Day Celebration: We booked it over to Smeeks for a special Father's Day event. We got a free photo booth session {picture seen above} and had some yummy Short Leash Hotdogs...even purchased a Dad's Orange Cream Soda for the special dad of the day! It was a blast but our fun was Short {Bahaha!} lived because of some windy, dusty weather {haboob kind of stuff.} Poor daddy even lost part of his peanut butter and jelly hotdog {gross!} that was literally blown right off our table. :( 


Nobody makes her smile like daddy!

Me with the best lil' man on the block!

So we headed over the the Erickson's Pizza Night after Smeeks and chilled for a bit. I FINALLY got to hold Henry which was worth the wait! It was a totally blast just chilling with friends that we have so much in common with. Our two boys are such cuties and I was melting over this series of pics of them just sitting and checking each other out! Henry was giving the camera something to work with while Fletcher was just in awe of Henry's cuteness...I mean look at him!!! He couldn't take his eyes of Henry!..can we say stalkers mode?! I guess like mother like son because I stalk Henry like cray cray too. LOL! This was a first of many pizza nights to come I can guarantee! 

On Father's Day I started off the morning by decorating the house with little messages for daddy everywhere while everyone was sleeping and even made little outfits for the kids. YAY! Then we headed to church and met the Flecky Family there again! Double YAY!

Which mini banner is your favorite?

THE MESSAGE: We went to church and the message discussed honoring our parents because they are the ones who gave us life. It was a PERFECT message for the day. I have been blessed with a wonderful mixed family and for me it certainly is easy to love and honor all my family members. 

I was raised with love, patience and most importantly knowing Him. And when I was younger I took such comfort knowing that above all that God was always there for me, that He would never forsake me. I always felt so close to Him when I was younger. Then as I grew older life + distractions got in the way and I didn't make time for Him anymore. Now I'm working hard to get rid of distractions + sloughing off the unneeded time killers + to bring Him into the forefront. 

I want to do this for me, I want to do this for my husband BUT mainly I wanted to do this for my children. I think it's so easy to float through life and forget to do things for ourselves. I wanted so badly to get back into church for Reegan originally...why was it not for me? I took great care of my body for my children when I carried them and I want to take excellent care of their souls. I got to thinking about this and God wants the same for me because I am His child...we all are.

Post Church Celebration: So after church we stopped by grandma Janet's house to say a quick hello. Then home for nap time. Daddy got to nap with the kiddos while I stayed up and cleaned. 

What do you think of these little outfits {LOVE MY DAD} I threw together for the kids before church?

Reese turns 1: We quickly crashed the Riemer's family pool party {OOPS!} to wish Reese a happy first birthday!

These kids are too cute for words and I don't think anyone appreciates her hair more than me. LOL! 

They kept looking at each other to say cheeeese rather than the camera which was cuter anyway! 

The Harding kidlets had an awesome time!!!

Our themed gift to the Pink Lemonade Party...because that's how we roll!!! I was SUPER excited to find a children's book titled "Hippo Lemonade" while thrifting Friday.

Other party details. So cute!!!!

We ended the day by having a Taylor family dinner. Grandma's homemade friend chicken was AAAA+MA+ZING as usual! I finally got to sit back + relax + laugh and have some fun. Reegan was our entertainment as usual. She was wanting to dance but DEMANDED that grandma Betty join her. She also is a corn on the corn addict which was HILARIOUS to watch!

Hope you all had a wonderful day and thanks for reading about ours!



JenniferAStreet said...

Looks like you guys had a fab weekend even after all the crazyness! We sure did miss you at Griffin's Mustache Bash. We need a dance party soon.. especially since we have another dancer :)

bridechilla said...

I know! I was beyond bummed about the party. It was a stressful couple of days and it TOTALLY stinks that Griff's party fell in the mix of TOTAL CHAOS. Yeah we have a package for that lil' man! dance party is a must!!!

Anonymous said...

Had a great weekend, and I'm so thankful to have such an amazing family. Could not have asked for a better fathers day.