Friday, June 1, 2012

{My Journey to 30 | Holy + Hot Mess + House}

Blog title randomness...not really let me explain. so making time for everything = IMPOSSIBLE. Welcome to My Journey to 30 which is refining + streamlining what is most important to me. What has happened in my Journey this week you ask? Well....

1 HOLY AKA become more dedicated to Him:
this weeks efforts include getting into #SheReadsTruth which is a website {that was JUST LAUNCHED TODAY...join now while it's new + just getting started} where us She's can find support + be held accountable in our journey to find + read about Him. 

this = PERFECT for me.  it might be a #WeReadTruth for my family though. ;)

see I joined {my face is next to the ? box and my readings pic is on the Intsagram feed!} I still have to get the app and do today's reading but I took some steps in the right direction of joining today. we Hardings WILL do church this weekend. it's happening people.

I was SO EXCITED by all this that I am not sure if my hair actually got washed this morning in the's def conditioned but the wash is questionable!

2 HOT MESS AKA making time for myself:
trying not to be a Hot Mess is hard guys! I got it together slightly this week. ask me for a picture today and you won't get it though...FAIL! :/ here are some pics of me on days I did get it together this week.

in my new black flats I purchased with my handy, dandy Target coupon {BOGO 50%off} + a newish Urban Outfitter top that makes me feel girly + my H&M crazy metal + rocker top

3 HOUSE AKA supporting my husband + best friend:
I've been picking up every morning. it's like a mad dash to pick up the house + deal with kidlets + pump + get ready {hence the HOT MESS today...something had to give.} in an effort to support my hubs {he loves a clean house but with no organizational systems it's a struggle} I picked up almost every morning this week.

4 kidlets:
we played on the iPadizzle this morning which started with silliness BUT unfortunately ended in scolding when Reegan whacked her sleeping brother with it and he was not happy until grandma finally got him out again. YAY for grandma in the morning when mommy is getting ready + cleaning the house.

seriously this kid is OBSESSED with the Grover App and looking at pics of our family happenings via photo stream. maybe she is like momma and will REALLY appreciate this blog I started because of her.

still truckin' away on my new diet that you read about on yesterday's post about Fletcher...if not read on my friends!


The Arizona Russums said...

Girlfriend, you sound like me. Glad you are getting organized. Remember there is grace is the hot mess days too! XO!

Rachel Harding said...

Haha! I know the more bloggers I start to follow I see the same topics and it makes me thankful to know I'm not the only one! "There is grace in hot mess days" might be my new motto! LOL! Thanks for stopping by! LOVE YOUR BLOG!...and was jealous of your Mexican ice cream...not on my diet. :/