Monday, June 18, 2012

{My Journey to 30 | Still Surviving}

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1 become more dedicated to him

We went to church and the message discussed honoring our parents because they are the ones who gave us life. It was a PERFECT message for the day. I have been blessed with a wonderful mixed family and for me it certainly is easy to love and honor all my family members. 

I was raised with love, patience and most importantly knowing Him. And when I was younger I took such comfort knowing that above all that God was always there for me, that He would never forsake me. I always felt so close to Him when I was younger. Then as I grew older life + distractions got in the way and I didn't make time for Him anymore. Now I'm working hard to get rid of distractions + sloughing off the unneeded time killers + to bring Him into the forefront. 

I want to do this for me, I want to do this for my husband BUT mainly I wanted to do this for my children. I think it's so easy to float through life and forget to do things for ourselves. I wanted so badly to get back into church for Reegan originally...why was it not for me? I took great care of my body for my children when I carried them and I want to take excellent care of their souls. I got to thinking about this and God wants the same for me because I am His child...we all are.

2 me time
Guys when I say last week was trying I MEAN it in every sense of the word!!! I pretty much didn't have it together because of everything that was going on. I did however, THANK the Lord immensely for watching over my family {details below.} Anyway fashion + putting myself together was the least of my concerns...but here are a few pics of a partial attempts. ;)

3 my hubz See all the celebrating we did in Ryan's honor on Father's Day!

I am always SO APPRECIATIVE of my husband. There was an accident that involved Uncle Trevor {his brother} this weekend. He was in a cross walk riding his bike and a car pulled in front of him causing him to hit the bike brakes and flip over. Trevor is OK thanks be to Him. We were so alarmed about this that my wonderful husband went to find Trevor before he even knew where the accident had happened...he said, "I'm just going to start driving until I find him" as he hurried out the door. He took Trevor to ER and was there for HOURS to have both wrists + elbows + more looked at. The whole time Ryan was supporting his brother he was also checking in with me to make sure the kids and I were OK at home. I was just worried and concerned that my brother-in-law didn't have any additional problems but after xrays + tests they found that he was A OK. PHEWPH! This was the second of two CRAY CRAY events in a matter of day. The first is below.  

4 the kidlets: So this week was Fletcher's four month and thankfully we finally got some answers on this rash of his. It is eczema which is very common and easy to fix....hydrocortizone cream. We are already seeing results. YAY! So after his appointment on Friday we went to go pick up his script. No. Luck. The pharmacy said they had nothing on file. EEK! So I called his ped. They had called it in during the appointment. Come to find out Walgreen's systems were down so it was likely we wouldn't get the cream until Monday = not good. Thankfully the ped decided to just go ahead and call it in to CVS. Upon arrival I found out this special cream that is going to fix him up is $87...uhhhhhh WAHT?! Being the penny pincher I am I verified that they ran it through insurance {I mean why wouldn't our ped give them his insurance information on file?!} well they didn't = easy fix. We ran and grabbed a bite and when we came back the cost was $15. Phewph!

So later on in the day I decided Reegan must have her first sidewalk chalk experience. It was awesome. She was totally pulling a Wolverine from Xmen by crossing the two chalks in her hands over eachother then pulling down to the side. Ryan and I were laughing about this.

Then we went inside to get out of the heat and chill. Ryan had both kids on our bed. He turned to grab a t-shirt and by the time he turned back around Reegan had Fletcher under a pillow. 

Side story: Ever since we brought Fletch home from the hospital Reegan is ALL ABOUT him + loving on him + giving him hugs and kisses when we couldn't even get any from her. She loves her brother. When we would swaddle him she would swaddle her babies. She watches as we would cover him with his blankets to keep him warm. Sometimes she would give it a try if he kicked his blanket off and accidentally get the blanket over his face...but it was A for effort and we just kept a close eye on her with him. She also sees how we do belly time with him and place a pillow under his belly for support + we have a Boppy that he lays on all the time. My theory is that she was just trying to take care of her brother but being the baby + kidlet she is herself she doesn't always get it right.

But as you can imagine I was shaken by the whole event. I was SO THANKFUL that we were right there and were able to separate them before any damage was done. We put Reegan in time out for being to rough with brother. She was NOT HAPPY and cried her eyes out. After 1-2 minutes she was out of time out and I knelt down to her level and talked about how she hurt brother and it wasn't OK. She gave him an owie so it was time to say sorry and give him a kiss. She went right to him sniffling all the way and said, "I'm s s s sowey brother." + gave him a kiss and it was done with. I am mainly sharing this experience as a reminder that this kind of stuff happens and to be SO MINDFUL of your kids. I'm so thankful we are.  

I knew this Journey wouldn't be easy but definitely hoping that we don't have another chaotic week.


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