Monday, June 11, 2012

{My Journey to 30}

reading scriptures brings me peace.

Welcome to My Journey to 30! This is my special project of refining and streamlining what is most important to me before the age of 30. What happened last week? 

1 become more dedicated to Him: So I'm loving the series at my church right now. It's over the ten commandments. Last week we talked about not taking the Lords name in vain. Easy enough right?! Well we learned about Christian know things like OMG, Oh my GOSH, freaking, etc. People I'm terrible at this stuff!!! But then I got to thinking it's not just me. This is EVERYWHERE in our society. Please note my deodorant cap {Yeah I have Degree teens deodorant LOL!}...come on. It's literally THAT main stream that even Degree has it on their product. Craziness! But in this case it's justified because that is how young girls speak. Well one day I'm going to have a young girl that this would target and I don't want her to speak that way.

Being a parent often puts things in perspective for me...and just thinking of the pain I would experience if my own child took my name in vain just once in front of me...OUCH that would hurt. What if it was several was times a day. Just saddening. Now I have a second child and they start doing it too because as you know...monkey see monkey do! At this point I would be so upset, angry, depressed, etc. I mean even when Reegan sometimes calls me Rachel and it pangs my heart...won't she call me mommy forever?! I know she won't but in my little world full of glitter, unicorns and happy things she will..OK?! 

So back to the point now imagine Him having to experience this x 313,720,858...think that's a lot?! Well it's only the US population. And what if everyone just said it more than once per day. So yeah my effort to refer to His name in a holy manner ONLY is in FULL SWING. Because it's the right thing and because it literally chokes me up thinking of my kids referred to me in a negative manner...EVER! I know, I know the teenage years. I'm preparing for it now people. LOL!

But I DO slip up. Just the other day I was messing with our TV and slipped up because it's just about broken and I got frustrated. As soon as the words came head meets shelf above the TV and I thought...thank you for the reminder. LOL!

CUTE BABY BREAK! are you still with me?! Phewph!

OK next sermon on the ten commandments was the Sabbath and taking a day of rest to connect with Him and the people most important to you. ALRIGHT GUYS!!!...this...this right here....yeah that's is my #1 struggle if you know me. I want cram it ALL in. I want to take a million pics of my cute kids doing adorable things, I want my house to be perfect, and to have the BEST BLOG with the most follwers to read about my awesome family + life + crafts + tips + my journey, and to go to church, read the word, serve in the nursery like we once did, I want to design fabulous creations for anyone and everyone, oh and my friends and family?!....I wanna run and visit with one group right after the other until I have spent time with everyone. UNREALISTIC. It just is and all this doesn't make my life fuller. Actually, it takes me away from Him. My husband has encouraged me in the past to step back a little and I have somewhat but I'm still not there. 

This will be one BIG feat for me. Stay tuned on this one. :/

GUYS WHAT I LIKED MOST ABOUT THIS WEEK AT friend Jessica reached out to me and her family joined us on Sunday. New goal = bring family + friends to church. 


2 me time:

This week was rrrrrrruffle week! I got it together most days which I'm pretty proud about. I thank you all + my family for being my reason to get it together and be the best me. SMOOCHES for that! :)

 3 my hubz + 4 kidlets: I along with my MIL planned a little hiking day this weekend. It was perfection. We all got out as a family and I was thoroughly enjoying a) God's green earth b) obsessing how cute my hubz + daughter + MIL were together c) carrying my snoozing lil' man d) waving and saying Hi to our shadows as Reegan LOVES to do e)shedding some calories. It was a GREAT morning!

she wanted to go down there and close the car door "Reegan closes it!" uhhh don't think so kid.

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Jess said...

I loved church on Sunday and next time I'm thinking Steve will join too! ;)