Saturday, June 30, 2012

{Post Worthy Pics}

AKA Fill in the Blank FriiiiiSaturday! Wondering if I'll ever ever ever get done with things on time anymore! :/ But my week has been unusual CRAZY + I was getting ready for Reegan's Bookworm photoshoot we had this morning. I may or may not have included the sample picture that Flecky Fotography sent me twice. LOL!

I'm linking up with the little things we do because I recently started to followed Lauren on Intsa and pretty much obsessed with her style and her wee one is just too cute for words! Anyway I loved her post on [color] so I'm snagging some of her creativity!

Here are a sample of some color pics that I love!!!






[mint green]






because I knew you would want to see it again


Auntie Heather said...

That pic of Reegs is TO DIE FOR! Definitely one of my favs of all time!

Rachel Harding said...

I might frame these in her reading + study space in her room. I just love this! Makes me excited for the time when she is old enough to let her imagination run wild and dream it up in storyland! :)