Tuesday, June 5, 2012

{Sweet Scarlett | Monthly}

Here is Scarlett {my niece} at 12 days old with the Sweet Seat from our family. Watch her grow big enough to sit in this adorable creation...it's gonna be here in the blink of an eye! PS how cute is she...holding onto her foot like that?! LOL! LOVES!!!


Cherise said...

What an adorable chair!! -and a new "dot com"!! when did I miss this new site!!? I love what you have done with it!! Super cute!

bridechilla said...

Isn't it TO DIE FOR?! They just came out with new patterns too. Thinking the Summersault Pink for Reegan. She def needs a fancy booster and it can be used for dollys when she is older too. :)

Thanks for the blog + site compliments. I have all my design + blog ideas inspired by you in the beginning. SO THANK YOU! :)