Thursday, June 14, 2012

{The Crafts | Bookworm II - Vintage Desk DIY}

Sorry in advance for the mishmash of picture locations, lighting, etc. I tried to make them visually pleasing but making a blue tarp look nice = not possible. Moving on. ;)

If you are anything like me you have a true appreciation for vintage items. I love books, furniture, serving ware, jewelry, fabrics, etc. So when I decided that my daughters 2nd birthday party would be a bookworm theme it of course had to be both girly + vintage in style. In enters the need for a fabulous vintage desk. Finding one on Craigslist was no problem. Those that know me at all know I LOVE stalking items on Craigslist and usually get what I want {$$.} It of course was DIRTY, NASTY, SMELLY but armed with my magic eraser sponge, some fine grade sand paper and some elbow grease I cleaned it right up. Now I had the dilemma of deciding the new color, look, etc. for this addition to the Harding Household.

In my head I concluded it must be a modern take on this vintage style (i.e. color POP.)And since it is for Ms. Diva Doll a lil' girly edge is a given. 

Actual color inspiration was these color jeans. I think I actually told the hubz I wish I could find a green spray paint in this color...well guess what...I did!

Next I carefully wrapped the wood part of the desk. I would recommend to actually take it apart but unfortunately the screws on ours are stripped. So I just had to work with what I had.  

Painfully obvious what store is my favorite and I HAD to have some doodle fun!

I REALLY LOVED the Luiqitex spray paint {bright green color on the body + metal part} because it went on nice and smooth + dried evenly. Although it's a little extra money {$11ish and the other brands are $6ish} but you can print out a craft store coupon {I got mine at Micheal's} to make it easier on the ole pocketbook!  Another plus about this brand is that it comes in a plethora of colors. I was so thankful that the sales associated showed me this section with a lot more color range than the normal spray paint section...if not for her I would have had to settle on a color that I didn't really want.

So since I could not take the writing section of the desk off I decide to spray paint the bottom {underneath} and went up the sides for a fun finish. I am very happy with the overall look. So that was Stage 1 of the renovation.

Please note that I highly recommend wearing slippers or socks that you don't mind getting trashed. I remembered to protect my garage floor...but not my feet?! Straight amateur style! LUCKY for me this paint washed right off.

Here are pictures of the side + bottom of the writing area painted. Look who couldn't wait to get started using her desk. She was making art with pencil {of course} before her desk was even complete! And her jammies no less!

So this is where I intended on stopping the renovation but then decided to add a little pop of color {ballet slipper pink} to the top part of the two wooden back supports AND the BEST idea to add some Liberty of London fabric as a lining in the bottom of the under seat storage area {brilliance I KNOW!} ;)

Clearly not as meticulous this time around in wrapping the area I did not want spray painted. LOL!

Viola! CUTE pink accent on top of the two back support areas. Stage 2 CHECK! 

Also DO NOT FORGET to spray your little metal hardware circles. The little addition of green pops here and there is a MUST!

On to the Stage 3 = the final fabric stage. First you need some supplies. I cut my fabric to size, purchased Mod Podge, and used a clear lid {leftover from those handy disposable tin pans.} Once you have your supplies and the fabric is cut to size you can iron out the fabric. I did this to make sure the edges all had nice even folds because I didn't do any sewing. Hehe!

The fabric I selected was a pillow case cover that matched the patterns in her room. I have SEVERAL throw pillows so I decided to sacrifice the standard pillow case for this project. And I also intend to make headbands from the fabric for our professional photo shoot...stay tuned. So the insert had two sewn sides but the third side I just folded down and ironed. The back of the insert was just left with a straight cut. 

Next comes adding your fabric piece into the desk. Now this my friends took 2 sets of hands {i.e the reason for no images.} I had to call my hubz in at the last minute {I was already knee deep in goo} to make sure I completely covered the bottom part of the fabric. This required us to dip it in several times.

Once the fabric was on there I did tons of smoothing with my hands over and over again as it dried. This helped to evenly distributed the Mod Modge under the fabric. I went along and wiped away any access goo with a rag but was sure to reinforce the edges with the access and even coated the top edges a bit. I knew my daughter would try and peel this fabric off so I wanted it on there as sturdy as possible.

And there you have it! A true thing of beauty! I mean who wouldn't want to store all of their favorite things in this fabulous cubby?!

And back in the garage for a quick clear coat of matte spray paint to seal it all in. Then finito!!!

Here she is trying to peel the fabric off like I knew she would. I know my kid to well! LOL!

A few Too many pictures of the final product my cute daughter sitting in her new desk, collecting rocks + twigs and giving momma a little tude + rolling her eyes. My lil' pint size DIVA! LOL!

Yay + Reegan clapping her hands! You read the whole post and even looked at all our pictures! THANK YOU, we hope you enjoyed + are inspired to have some fun revamping your own vintage find!


Aubrey Kinch said...

My duvet from Pottery Barn that's similar to the Liberty of London pattern is what I'm using for a nursery since I lucked out and got 2 for the price of 1! Will make bumpers, wall art and after seeing this... probably a little seating area!


bridechilla said...

Sounds fun!...I LOVE your bedding so I know it will look FAB! I'm becoming a DIY addict I think! :/

Chantel said...

I LOVE this desk! So awesome!

bridechilla said...

Thanks so much! I can't wait to for the photoshoot to REALLY show off it's cuteness! :)