Thursday, June 14, 2012

{Watch Fletcher Grow | 3 O'Clock Month}

Here is little BIG man at 3 months {plus two extra pics that I LOVED.} He was not really up to the photo shoot but you definitely would not be able to tell. He had a bit of a fever this week and then there is his little rash + cradle cap that we have been dedicated to fixing {between my diet change and his daily  moisturizing sessions.}

Side note I was realizing the clock isn't actually at 3 O'Clock it's actually 3:15 but I think it's easier to see + read that way but I might change that next month. LOL! 

Anyway enjoy our boy. Can you see the progression of his growth? Kinda hard to tell at this stage I think.

1 O'Clock & 2 O'Clock:

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Anonymous said...

Love the Post Momma! I can't believe how fast our little man is growing. Even though he had a little fever and a bit of rash, he is still a little trooper! I love watching him grow :-)