Tuesday, June 5, 2012

{The Crafts | White Board Fixer Upper}

So I LOVE being organized (terrible at it though) + I LOVE decorating and making things look pretty! Sooooo I decide to redo our calendar + notes + lists area just off our laundry room. It started off as a Pottery Barn simple white board calendar that we unfortunately did not use. I decided to replace the unused calendar with some simple black frames I had to make the space pretty even when the calendar wasn't being used. Once I had the frames I needed a pattern to fill it with. I used some wrapping paper from my twin sister's You Are My Sunshine baby shower. I was happy with the overall look BUT when I stumbled upon Privet House at Target and thought I AM IN LOVE! The colors + patterns + over all look is AMAZING! I decided to inject these patterns + colors into my kitchen by taking some fabric napkins apart and adding them to my frames. So very happy that Target brought this little shop to the masses! ANYWAY since I do tons of crafts I thought I would start to share my projects. Anyone can do this (without my instructions) but thought maybe if you see how easy it is then you will think HEY SELF I CAN DO THIS....WHY HAVE I NOT DONE THIS?! 

YOU L.O.V.E.S. THESE NAPKINS DON'T YOU?! Well I am LOVING the coral colors + geometric patterns and wanted to enjoy them not just during meal time! I thought I should be able to look at these ANYTIME I want to! LOL!

Here goes:

1 Seam ripping - I decided to take the napkins apart so I would not waste ONE BIT of this fabulous material...plus double sided fabric may have been too thick for my frames. Please ignore my unmanicured + chewed up nails. :/

2 Ironing - Once the TEDIOUS job of seam ripping was complete I ironed the fabric so none of the wrinkles would show in the frames...this would look bad and make it hard to read notes.

3 Cutting - Cut to size. I didn't even take previous white board notes out. LAZY LOL!

4 Insert & VOILA! Hang and you are all set! Easy and totally painless! Well other than the seam ripping that is. You can use this for scriptures + notes + lists + just to look good and dress up an awkward area in your own house.





Chantel said...

Oh I love these! My problem is I don't have any more wall space in my house!

bridechilla said...

Chantel I'm FAST RUNNING OUT OF WALL SPACE TOO! I wanted to do a mail slot organizer and I don't have anywhere to put it. Thinking the door better WATCH OUT! I might be coming for them next. ;)