Tuesday, July 31, 2012

{The Crafts | Letter + Felt Chevron Wreath}

photography credit: Flecky Fotography

Have you met my friend Lindsay's boys?! HOW CUTE ARE THEY????? The boys + dad all have names that start with the letter "Q" so when she said "Hey Rache can you help with a prop for their photo shoot?" I knew exactly what to make. A "Q" wreath. I knew they were wearing some yellow but that was it as far as attire details. So I decided to use a colorful range of felt I already had at home to make a chevron pattern around the wreath {wish I would have added some red and orange too.} But either way I just died over the final results.

photography credit: Flecky Fotography

photography credit: Flecky Fotography

They are too cute for their own good! I mean seriously the youngest reminds me of what's his name?! Anyway here is the How To AKA Adventures of the Ugly Blue Tarp on making a letter + felt chevron wreath.

You'll need:
Apprx. 5-6 sheets of felt
Hot Glue
Fabric Scissors
Wood Letter
Wood Circle / Wreath

First I spray painted the letter so that it had PLENTY of time to fully dry before I adhered it to the wreath.

Next I collected all the colored sheets of felt I wanted to use for the project and I created a template to make the wreath uniform in shape + size and it also made the cutting process a lot faster + easier.

Then I traced the template onto the felt for easy cutting with my fabric scissors.

And repeat, repeat, repeat...

As seen here. :)

Once you have all your pieces cut out lay them out in the order you like and then start to glue them onto the wreath. 

I glued one piece on top of the next and folded the sides back for a nice finished look.

After glueing + layering + folding over and over and over I had the wreath complete. The hard part is done. Next I simply added hot glue to the back of where the letter would be placed onto the wreath and backed it all with felt for extra support and VIOLA! 

photography credit: Flecky Fotography

Fabulous + inexpensive + easy photo prop or nursery / room decor or whatever you might be able to use it for! Hope you love this project! Are you going to make this? Where + what will yours be for?

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{Hug O' War}

I will not play at tug o' war. 

I'd rather play at hug o' war, 

Where everyone hugs 
Instead of tugs, 
Where everyone giggles 
And rolls on the rug, 
Where everyone kisses, 
And everyone grins, 
And everyone cuddles, 
And everyone wins.

by Shel Silverstein 
{Only one of my FAVS!}

These guys sure do love to hug and I love to see them hug it out. I love my cutie pops!

Monday, July 30, 2012

{Dear God}


This weekend with no prompting at all I caught Reegan praying alone in her room. Which I'm pretty sure Grandma Betty showed her how...and we are going to start doing this as a family. Well I was on the computer doing some designing and I look over and she is on her knees, hands clasped saying Dear God, Oh my God! over and over and over again. Which as you know I don't like the whole OMG thing but I figure she was using it in a good way and I didn't care what was coming out of her mouth...I was a puddle on the floor from being melted by her cuteness! 

I mean that diaper...errr big girl chonies peaking out...the Legos EVERYWHERE...the Are you there, God? book. This was perfection!

{Fletcher Firsts| He Sits, Grows Teeth & Talks}

WOW a lot happened while daddy was out of town for a week for work + Uncle Sean's bachelor party in Del Mar, CA. The DAY {July 22nd} Ryan left Fletcher started to say "Mooooooooomma!" But he ONLY does this when he is very, very upset and crying. Gee thanks honey!  We went to Target after daddy left to keep distracted and he was OVER shopping and wanted to go home and have a bottle....oops I'm THAT mom of two that doesn't bring a bottle to the store...amateur hour...HEY I was sad alright. ;) N.E.WAYS...I am a lucky momma because I'm two for two on the first word being momma! Reegan started saying momma at around 6 months.

Then on Saturday {July 28th} we were all chilling out on the front porch so Reegan could sidewalk chalk it up and I noticed that Fletcher got his second tooth in! Man he is just cranking them out at this point!  He got his first two teeth in just days apart while Reegan was just over a week!

And that evening after bath time {did anybody else notice he was wearing the same onesie in different colors last weekend?!...what can I say...us Hardings love us some stripes!} we practiced sitting up and I was thoroughly impressed with his skillz. Reegan started to sit up on her own about the same age...but she just all of a sudden sat up and that was it...Fletcher is still working on his balance and using his arms to prop himself up. :)

He was laughing + smiling + waving his hands all around. It was a good time for sure. He was so proud of himself and kept trying to "jump" AKA flop back on his back...thus the Boppy to prevent some serious damage.

He has also now decided that he absolutely does not like to be in his rock and play {TEAR...this thing was a life saver when we first brought him home!!!!} unless we sneak him in while he is sleeping. Here he was balling his eyes out while mommy was pumping and couldn't pick him up...even Reegan tried to calm him {which is super cute BTW!} and no dice. The exact moment I laid my hands on him to pick him up he was all "Hey mommy! How's it going?! I'm in a chipper mood!" type of face. Sheesh!

Stay tuned for little man's 6ish month pictures coming VERY SOON!

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

{Scarlett Comparison}

So Scarlett joins the crew on this comparison because auntie Heather said that she was copying cousin Reegan so that of course called for another comparison image! DOY!....does anyone even still say doy AKA duh?! LOL!

It's definitely easy to see that little miss Scarlett is rocking out some fuller lips than her cousins....I just wanna kiss them right now...ahhhh {OK sorry crazy auntie moment.} Hehe!

Anyway here are our babes. God love um!...and we sure do too!

{Dear Children | Reegan}

Dear Reegan,

Please eat glitter {no not literally people} whenever possible and let beautiful you sparkle for everyone to see!

design credit: Rachel Harding <-- that's me!

I was inspired recently by a comment {Let the girl sparkle in whatever color happens to be in her closet! } left on the blog and this!


Take your own picture of glitter cardstock

Use these FAB + FREE CONFETTI files via puglypixel.  

Finally include a fun + girly message with some lovely fonts via dafont.com!

{Keep Calm & Shop On!}

{I eat glitter for breakfast, lunch & tea}

{A girl without a bow is not a girl!}

{Always wear your invisible crown}

{Journey to 30 | Blog Contributor}

As some of you might know I'm now a contributor on A Night Owl Blog for my DIY projects and the occasional printable design. It always super flattering to have someone compliment my work but this takes it to a whole new level. Beyond appreciative to Kim!

Well as part of Kim's crew we needed to meet and discuss details.

She mentioned a blogger event going on at Downeast Basics which has several locations throughout the valley. An excuse to head to the mall??? DUH I was in all the way!

Let me tell you I was SUPER impressed with the colors + patterns + style of this brand. The accessories were amaze... UGH I just had to walk away from the necklaces!!! But I did purchase the green and peach studs pictured below.

Not only did I LOVE LOVE LOVE the apparel that they had for me but BONUS they carry little girl clothes that melted my heart!!! SOOOOOO many things I want to buy for Reegan there.

Top left skirt might be her birthday skirt, bottom left might have to get a mommy and me outfit going because it matches a skirt I already own and that little coat!!!!...very similar to one I got for her at the end of last season...but I still LOVE!

To my surprise we received an in store credit for attending! WINNING! I was able to purchase a olive lacey layered vintage skirt for Reegan's bookworm brithday party. I of course couldn't EVER wait that long to debuet it so here it is! 

BIG THANK YOU TO DOWNEAST BASICS for a fun event and Kim for sharing event details!

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

{Journey to 30 | Back to Me}

As some of you might know I was feeling well this past month. I mean not your typically kind of sleep deprived + mother of two children. It was a disconnected + dizzy + loopy + headaches + weak muscles type of not feeling well. I thought at first it was because Fletcher wasn't sleeping through the nights. But then I started to feel excessively tired and extremely weak...like "Honey can you open this water bottle for me because my hands are aching" type of weak. Then I started to think back there was two weeks of intermittent headaches + before that I had stayed home from work due to dizzy spells. Oh and there were even hot flashes...like HELLO I'm not even 30 yet! HOW is this happening + WHY?! The conclusion...my Mirena IUD. Not sure why this occurred months after I went on an IUD but it sure did. I made an appointment right away and my OB removed it for me. Literally the next day after removal I was feeling better and without the "head in the cloud" type feeling. As you see below I was able to get it together and get a "look" going and even did the whole super sweet accent nail on wedding ring finger thing. ;) 

Now I have to wait 3 weeks + get blood work + wait 3 more weeks to get back on a birth control. I'm strictly blogging about this because I think it's important for us as mommies and women to share these types of things + it temporarily derailed my Journey to 30 posts...for about a month to be exact. But my purpose also includes telling others to please not let this type of stuff slide....try and figure out the problem and deal with it ASAP. For me I need to be there for my husband and baybays so I was fine with seeing two doctors + get blood work done in one day to figure out what the cause was.

SIDENOTE: My OB was confident that the IUD was not the issue but my primary care physician was POSITIVE that this was the cause of all my problems...however she is naturopathicish and told me if I wasn't feeling well to drink water and exercise then exercise some more. LOL! Like HELLO if I'm dizzy you think I should be jogging around the streets?! Haha I'm kidding! 

Since I'm back to feeling more like me you can expect to see more of My Journey and much more {so don't forget to follow the blog}.

As far as my commitment to Him, my hubs and kids...ehhh getting better was my main goal lately. Obviously they are all still where my main efforts are but I just don't have a specific write up on happenings with them. :/ However, even though I'm guilty of this lately with not feeling well we must remember that...

photo credit: christy geotz photography | design credit: Rachel Harding <-- that's me!

Thanks for all the love and support from family + friends during that time! You still there?!

BOOM! REWARDED! WITH NERDINESS! LOL! Reegan asked me to put her glasses and headband on. For my daughter done and done!!!...as she smiles in the background. What a doll.