Saturday, July 7, 2012

{Cookin' Coffee}

I'm not sure if I have ever shared how much it brings Reegan joy to help out with chores, cooking, etc. around the house. Girlfriend is obsessed! My grandma brought a little red chair to our house sometime ago for her. When she sees her opportunity she will exclaim CHAIR! And runs to grab it so she is able to jump in and assist with whatever she can. It's pretty much the cutest thing ever and when she is a teen rolling her eyes at the request to help out around the house I'm going to have to remind her about this + show her these pics which will likely annoy her more. Haha! 

Are you melting over her + her rainbow ruffled jammies?!

Anyway in the realm of cooking she recently has taken her barista skills to a whole new level and helps with cookin' coffee in the morning. It's always the perfect start to my day when she is doing such cute things and I have a moment to STOP. LOOK. APPRECIATE.

More of Reegan's "sweet" face! LOL!

What are your mornings like? What makes your day when you take a moment to STOP. LOOK. APPRECIATE?

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Auntie Heather said...

What a sweet little helper!!!