Monday, July 2, 2012

{The Deals}

Another successful trip to the Goodwill {50% off Saturday = WINNING}...but this trip was EXTRA special because it was with a great friend Courtney Broman before she moved out of state. I was glad we got in some unexpected quality time before her flight. Beyond sad that she is now back in Nebraska but excited for the opportunity that is there for her and Brett {Ryan's buddy + co-worker.} Planning a trip already to see their new place. Hehe!

So anyway I LOVE Courtney's style and I always love input on purchases at the Gee W! Our fav purchases of mine were the teal doll suitcase for Reegan and the grey Chinese Laundry purse which was coming home with either her or I but it ended up being within my shopping budget...Yahtzee!!! 

But the one I personally loved most was my Crate and Barrel cheese dome that retails CURENTLY for $35 and I got for $2. I actually registered for this when I was getting married 2+ years ago....I knew it would be mine muahahaha! CHEESY! No pun intended. ;) The total trip cost me $37. It's almost like I felt bad about it but no no I really didn't. LOLz!

Nordstrom's BP red flats $2

Grey Chinese Laundry Bag $7ish

Crate and Barrel Cheese Dome $2 {tag on the bottom to prove}

$3.50 DIY Lamp Stand for Reegan's room..likely white stand with pink cord. I haven been eyeballing this fella for a while. I'm excited he came home with us and will shine a light for diva diva to read her stories to as she grows older! :)

$2 Better Home and Gardens serving tray that matches my couch pillows PERFECTLY.

$1.50 Spoon key holder that I will use to hang dish towels on as we already have a key hanger.

$??? honeycomb glass coffee service set. Perf for a luncheon with the ladies!

Kinda went mug crazy
$4ish for all

Top two are obvi mine

Grandpa mug + hallmark recordable book was less than $2 and will make for a special time with Papa!

Vintage Corelle for my sister because she is OBSESSED!

Blue campers mug for hubz with his it sad that I LOVE this stuff and might eat off blue camping dishes all the time if that was OK Hehe!

Cute stuff for the kids for maybe $0.75

The little teal suitcase around $2 is just too sweet and really I kinda want to use it to carry my things around in...the lil basket was if even a dime was cute and inexpensive! LOL!

Rain boots were actually from Kohls but I threw it in the mix since they were a GREAT deal. Less than $4 which was 90% off. 

Thanksgiving holiday swag! This guys is crazy literally could knock you out! But the plan is for him to be spray painted white to match some fall pumpkins I have already. $2ish and it's from Dillards we decided.

Courtney also found so cute flowers for headbands which were $0.50 and I really like the jar too.

Reegan's book shelf for her party was $6ish. The plan is white all over but shades of GREEN on the top of each shelf. Can't wait to work on this piece!!!

AND FINALLY a $2 Cost Plus World Market bamboo mat for our side patio so Reegan can sit on it and use her sidewalk chalk. :)

Which items is your favorite?!

PS if you haven't already be sure to follow our blog as I'm going to be working more and more to just post here without linking to my Facebook. Plus we like to see who is reading all about us. 


Auntie Heather said...

LOVE the Cost Plus Mat and of course the vintage Corelle for moi! Great shopping sista! Next time you are in ATX we will need to go Goodwill shopping! There is a boutique by Goodwill called GW and it has high-end stuff. I saw a purple crushed velvet Dolce and Gabbana suit, it looked like something Price would wear but hey it was Dolce ;)

Auntie Heather said...

I know your jealous!! ;)

Rachel Harding said...


The Joyful Thrifter said...

The suit case is my favorite! awesome deals and finds!

The Joyful Thrifter

Alicia said...

You did great! I love that acorn I bet it comes out amazing. And that purse...woah!
Love your blog!