Thursday, July 26, 2012

{Dear Children | Reegan}

Dear Reegan,

Please eat glitter {no not literally people} whenever possible and let beautiful you sparkle for everyone to see!

design credit: Rachel Harding <-- that's me!

I was inspired recently by a comment {Let the girl sparkle in whatever color happens to be in her closet! } left on the blog and this!


Take your own picture of glitter cardstock

Use these FAB + FREE CONFETTI files via puglypixel.  

Finally include a fun + girly message with some lovely fonts via!

{Keep Calm & Shop On!}

{I eat glitter for breakfast, lunch & tea}

{A girl without a bow is not a girl!}

{Always wear your invisible crown}


Heather Stevens said...

I absolutely love this!!

Heather Stevens said...

I absolutely love this!

CK said...

Over saying hi from Brie's blog!! LOVING her design and shopping around for blog designs... If you could, please contact me at crm5120 at gmail dot com so that I can learn more :)

ps, your babes are beautiful and your DIYs are awesome. I'll be back :)

Rachel Harding said...

Christina thanks for stopping by. Contacting you now. :)