Saturday, July 7, 2012

{Filthy Friday's | My Family Won}

As part of  My Journey to 30 I'm trying to get things together around the house.  I have been working feverishly on Reegan's birthday party, hunting good buys for items around the house aka Goodwilling, preparing + celebrating a new adventure for my hubs in working from home and much, much more. So as we ALL KNOW when time is spent in one area others undoubtly suffer. I was working on "pulling back the curtain" a bit and sharing the low down {aka Filthy Friday's} of the not so pretty side of my crafts, deals, etc. because this is my way of saying HEY it's OK we don't really have it all together + I will SURELY make you feel better about your own digs. 

It was cray productive the other weekend because it was off "to grandmother's house we go" for the kidlets while mommy and daddy converted the storage room to an office for Ryan {YAY!} and cleaned up the garage a bit because it was ridiculous parking both cars on the driveway + hearing Reegan saying it's hot when getting into the car just made me feel bad! 

Viola! See what a day without kids can lead to...we def missed them though.

Can you spy with your little eye a Ryan?!
Love my handy husband + we FINALLY framed our Dave Matthews Band concert posters!!!

So your thinking WOW Rachel is doing great...

Ehhhhh...please note Fletcher's room. 

How does this happen?! 


Well his room is next-door to our storage room so part of the effort of organizing that space lead to the COMPLETE AND UTTER DISORGANIZATION of his space. Oh but don't worry the lil' man is still safely in our room...but his stay is about up so that means I need to do an overhaul on his room! You will see a before and after very soon so say tuned. It's honestly painful for me to have Fletcher's room in it's current state but even more painful than an organized room that he's not sleeping in would be to hear him fussing + crying while I cleaned away rather than tending to him. 

Guys I often wonder to myself how did this get so bad?! I sat there tonight playing tug of war in my head. Should I go immerse myself in cleaning this space or spend time with my family. My family won. I played with Fletcher + fed him + we giggled together while daddy and Reegan played with legos + books and anything else she could get her hands on. ALWAYS REALIZING: I'm just human not super mom or super anything...I never will be. When you see an awesome project, photo sesh, etc. here on the blog just know that while I was off doing that there was something else that didn't get my time. 

Thrifted lamp stand for Reegan's room + DIY project

I read an amazing article recently shared by a wonderful friend. Please read it!!! What an important message on focusing in on what matters the most. Cleaning, crafting, bargains, social networking,'s all doesn't really matter when compared to the need of your children for their parents. Whether it's feeding them, reading to them, playing with them , making memories, giggling together or whatever...this is what is most important to me. My family will always win.

What projects are on the back burner that you need to get to?

PS if you haven't already, be sure to follow our blog as I'm going to be working more and more to just post here without linking to my Facebook. Plus we like to see who is reading all about us. :)

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Auntie Heather said...

Looks great sista! Your are doing a great job juggling everything! I'm still trying to get down taking care of Scarlett and cleaning. Who knows when cooking dinner will get back into the mix!!