Monday, July 30, 2012

{Fletcher Firsts| He Sits, Grows Teeth & Talks}

WOW a lot happened while daddy was out of town for a week for work + Uncle Sean's bachelor party in Del Mar, CA. The DAY {July 22nd} Ryan left Fletcher started to say "Mooooooooomma!" But he ONLY does this when he is very, very upset and crying. Gee thanks honey!  We went to Target after daddy left to keep distracted and he was OVER shopping and wanted to go home and have a bottle....oops I'm THAT mom of two that doesn't bring a bottle to the store...amateur hour...HEY I was sad alright. ;) N.E.WAYS...I am a lucky momma because I'm two for two on the first word being momma! Reegan started saying momma at around 6 months.

Then on Saturday {July 28th} we were all chilling out on the front porch so Reegan could sidewalk chalk it up and I noticed that Fletcher got his second tooth in! Man he is just cranking them out at this point!  He got his first two teeth in just days apart while Reegan was just over a week!

And that evening after bath time {did anybody else notice he was wearing the same onesie in different colors last weekend?!...what can I Hardings love us some stripes!} we practiced sitting up and I was thoroughly impressed with his skillz. Reegan started to sit up on her own about the same age...but she just all of a sudden sat up and that was it...Fletcher is still working on his balance and using his arms to prop himself up. :)

He was laughing + smiling + waving his hands all around. It was a good time for sure. He was so proud of himself and kept trying to "jump" AKA flop back on his back...thus the Boppy to prevent some serious damage.

He has also now decided that he absolutely does not like to be in his rock and play {TEAR...this thing was a life saver when we first brought him home!!!!} unless we sneak him in while he is sleeping. Here he was balling his eyes out while mommy was pumping and couldn't pick him up...even Reegan tried to calm him {which is super cute BTW!} and no dice. The exact moment I laid my hands on him to pick him up he was all "Hey mommy! How's it going?! I'm in a chipper mood!" type of face. Sheesh!

Stay tuned for little man's 6ish month pictures coming VERY SOON!

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Heather Stevens said...

Awww my little Fletch man is takin' right off! Can't believe all the new things he accomplished in such a short amount of time! That pic of him in his Rock N' Play is heart breaking, Auntie says don't put him in there again!!! ;)