Thursday, July 5, 2012

{Happy 4th | Sockawars}

Well this 4th of July was surprisingly laid back. We actually didn't make any plans until my aunt {Angela} invited us over a few days in advance for some BBQ & pool time with the kids. 

In a mad rush to put together Reegan's Bookworm outfit I actually got the kids 4th of July outfits early! Woot woot! Here they are together!..I mean how cute are they?! Literally wish I had Reegan's striped shorts for myself. ADORBS!

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Just chillin' out together makin' some cray cray faces! Reegan has been into making this "sweet" face a lot lately! LOL!

I just could not stop taking pictures of her many expressions....and hey who doesn't love a little modeling photoshoot?! I remember Auntie and I used to do that on days we were bored in our room...impromptu photoshoot. YAY!

So the weather for us in Arizona was one for the books! I don't think we have ever had rainy weather on the 4th like this or not recently enough to remember. Anyway daddy & I got to sneak in a quick movie {thank you grandma Janet} and we got home just in time for the kids to wake up. Reegan of course picked up on that fact that it was raining right away. So she definitely had to check it out! her mismatched trench and rain hat no less. But what can you expect from us Arizona peeps?!..we have clear skies almost year round. LOL!

Then it was off to my aunt's house to hang out with the family. It was a small group that included us Hardings, Grandma Betty and the Jenkins clan. Reegan and her cousin William played with his toys the first half of our visit. Going over to another kids house is pretty much the best thing ever because it = new toys!!! 

How cute + goofy are these two. Hearing them chime the word cheeeeeese at the same time was just hilarity + total uber sweetness! William was a master at handling his sparkler which Reegan referred to as a "sockawars"...she knew it was hot because we told her it was but she was definitely trying to grab the sparkles with her free hand in our second sparkler session later that night. But honestly who doesn't want to touch pretty sparkles with their bare hands?! I know I do. LOL!

Fletcher was a safe distance away from the kids and their sparkler action in Grandma Betty's arms. He was fascinated by her shirt almost as much as William and Reegan were with the sparklers.

And then there was the food. Reegan has recently taken to eating corn on the cob and when I say she loves it I MEAN SHE LOVES IT! She was literally tearing it apart like a lil' piggy. I wish I had a video of this. We were all laughing at her so hard. She had to be told to stop and actually eat the corn rather than just gobble it off the cob. Silly! So the menu {as you can see} included brats, dogs, potato salad, corn on the cob, beans, chips & dip, watermelon, and RED VELVET ICE CREAM! NOM NOM!

Flecth got his taste of the dinner later on that night + the next morning. LOL!

After we finished dinner Grams + Ang + Fletch and I all ran to the Goodwill and I scored a trunk that I was wanting {DIY reno coming soon!}

Then it was back home and daddy was already at the park with Reegan to drain what little energy she had left. I mean this girl is just wild! With such a BUSY day how could she have any energy left?! I wonder where she gets her cray cray side from...certainly not me. Bahaha! Also please ignore that Fletch is nakey...that outfit got to be too binding...I mean a 4 month old in a 6 month could we expect him to be comfortable for very long?! Sheesh!

linked to Harper's Happenings & The Woestmans Me: Anthropologie Dress Reegan: Carter's Top | Baby Gap Skinny Jeans Fletcher: Target Huggies Diaper LOL!

My sweetie and her main man! I love them so much!

Hope your 4th was magical as Reegan's first experience with "sockawars"...they clearly had her memorized!

What did you do for the fourth?!

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Auntie Heather said...

Love the picture of Reegan by the pool in her tshirt, holding a sparkler! She looks like little who with that face ;) LOVING the last pic of her, such an angel! And yes,pretty sure we will need to do a Heather, Rachel, Reegan, Scarlett photoshoot ASAP!! ;D And of course Fletch is so stylish in his 4th of July outfit, such a cutie! He can join in on the photoshoot too!

Anonymous said...

What an awesome 4th of July! I'm glad we had no injuries with the fireworks! Next year we will need to upgrade to something bigger :-) I love my family and I love the recap of our 4th

- Daddy

Unknown said...

What an amazing selection of outfits, love what you're wearing and I love what you've got your children in! Fab :)