Monday, July 16, 2012

{Ice Cream You Scream}

WOW guys I have been the biggest slacker lately with blogging in big part because I just have not been feeling well. No worries I'm booked to see my doctor ASAP...who by the by is the BEST!!! She is booked out until December and just went ahead and made an appointment for me tomorrow at 7:45AM {I love you Dr. Apigo!!!!} 

SO ANYWAYS! Us Hardings have been trying to get our walk on since daddy is now working from home and we can cruise around the neighborhood after dinner but before bath time. Here are a couple of our walks for you to may have included a quick stop at the gas station by our house for ice cream. And we probably let Reegan go crazy with her I said BEFORE bath time. LOL!

linked with Harper's Happenings and Watch out for the Woestmans | Me: hand me down black tank under green sun dress {thanks sister!} and coral necklace from Tucson Gemshow and Reegan: Carter's tank | Jumpingbean skirt

PS if you haven't already, be sure to follow our blog as I'm going to be working more and more to just post here without linking to my Facebook. Plus we like to see who is reading all about us.

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Doranda said...

Thanks for linking up. I love your daughters name! It is one we thought about for our last child.