Tuesday, July 24, 2012

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As some of you might know I was feeling well this past month. I mean not your typically kind of sleep deprived + mother of two children. It was a disconnected + dizzy + loopy + headaches + weak muscles type of not feeling well. I thought at first it was because Fletcher wasn't sleeping through the nights. But then I started to feel excessively tired and extremely weak...like "Honey can you open this water bottle for me because my hands are aching" type of weak. Then I started to think back there was two weeks of intermittent headaches + before that I had stayed home from work due to dizzy spells. Oh and there were even hot flashes...like HELLO I'm not even 30 yet! HOW is this happening + WHY?! The conclusion...my Mirena IUD. Not sure why this occurred months after I went on an IUD but it sure did. I made an appointment right away and my OB removed it for me. Literally the next day after removal I was feeling better and without the "head in the cloud" type feeling. As you see below I was able to get it together and get a "look" going and even did the whole super sweet accent nail on wedding ring finger thing. ;) 

Now I have to wait 3 weeks + get blood work + wait 3 more weeks to get back on a birth control. I'm strictly blogging about this because I think it's important for us as mommies and women to share these types of things + it temporarily derailed my Journey to 30 posts...for about a month to be exact. But my purpose also includes telling others to please not let this type of stuff slide....try and figure out the problem and deal with it ASAP. For me I need to be there for my husband and baybays so I was fine with seeing two doctors + get blood work done in one day to figure out what the cause was.

SIDENOTE: My OB was confident that the IUD was not the issue but my primary care physician was POSITIVE that this was the cause of all my problems...however she is naturopathicish and told me if I wasn't feeling well to drink water and exercise then exercise some more. LOL! Like HELLO if I'm dizzy you think I should be jogging around the streets?! Haha I'm kidding! 

Since I'm back to feeling more like me you can expect to see more of My Journey and much more {so don't forget to follow the blog}.

As far as my commitment to Him, my hubs and kids...ehhh getting better was my main goal lately. Obviously they are all still where my main efforts are but I just don't have a specific write up on happenings with them. :/ However, even though I'm guilty of this lately with not feeling well we must remember that...

photo credit: christy geotz photography | design credit: Rachel Harding <-- that's me!

Thanks for all the love and support from family + friends during that time! You still there?!

BOOM! REWARDED! WITH NERDINESS! LOL! Reegan asked me to put her glasses and headband on. For my daughter done and done!!!...as she smiles in the background. What a doll.


Vanessa said...

For serious, just laughed out loud at the reward. Love you!

Rachel Harding said...

Bahaha! You know me. No shame in my game! ;)

Heather Stevens said...

You need to get a nerdy fam pic! Then you guys could be the nerd herd ;)