Thursday, July 26, 2012

{Journey to 30 | Blog Contributor}

As some of you might know I'm now a contributor on A Night Owl Blog for my DIY projects and the occasional printable design. It always super flattering to have someone compliment my work but this takes it to a whole new level. Beyond appreciative to Kim!

Well as part of Kim's crew we needed to meet and discuss details.

She mentioned a blogger event going on at Downeast Basics which has several locations throughout the valley. An excuse to head to the mall??? DUH I was in all the way!

Let me tell you I was SUPER impressed with the colors + patterns + style of this brand. The accessories were amaze... UGH I just had to walk away from the necklaces!!! But I did purchase the green and peach studs pictured below.

Not only did I LOVE LOVE LOVE the apparel that they had for me but BONUS they carry little girl clothes that melted my heart!!! SOOOOOO many things I want to buy for Reegan there.

Top left skirt might be her birthday skirt, bottom left might have to get a mommy and me outfit going because it matches a skirt I already own and that little coat!!!!...very similar to one I got for her at the end of last season...but I still LOVE!

To my surprise we received an in store credit for attending! WINNING! I was able to purchase a olive lacey layered vintage skirt for Reegan's bookworm brithday party. I of course couldn't EVER wait that long to debuet it so here it is! 

BIG THANK YOU TO DOWNEAST BASICS for a fun event and Kim for sharing event details!

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Auntie Heather said...

Love that store! Sad that there are not any Texas locations! :(

Rachel Harding said...

Have you shopped here before sister?

Kimberly @ A Night Owl said...

super post girl! looks great, and so happy to have you on board! xo

Kathy Cabrera said...

Thanks for taking the time to come - you look adorable and style our clothes so well! xo, Kathy Cabrera,