Tuesday, July 10, 2012

{Parenting 101 | Foot on the Table}

If this picture doesn't get a smile + chuckle + laugh out of you I don't know what would!!! This was taken at a quicky family breakfast before church last Sunday. We were in a rush but I was able to snap a few pics before we wolfed down out food and buzzed to church. I knew I HAD to post these up ASAP!..a few days later you get them! Hehe!

I was thinking as I looked at each expression that some people might have an issue with the last one + think uhhhhh they let Reegan put her foot on the table AND took a picture of it?! I mean WHO would do that?! Well A. It was likely for 5 seconds and B. It wasn't worth even acknowledging because sometimes if you give an action too much attention a kidlet will do it x 10! 

This also brings me to a thought on disciplining my children. I never condone children being allowed to misbehave but I certainly don't want to jump all over my kids for minor offenses. My motto is discipline with love. Real life example, Reegan unfortunately has a new + bad habit of running towards the street. This first happened with me at a Michael’s parking lot a couple weeks ago. This action led to me grabbing her by the arm with a bit of force and then I sternly told her that we don’t do that because it wasn't safe. She had a treat for behaving well in the store but she wasn’t allowed to have it at that point because she had done something naughty. Instead she got it later on at home after she had done something that called for a reward. I am a true believer in sticking to my guns as a parent and not rewarding bad behavior. But just as Reegan is learning about what is and is not expected of her we are learning the do's and don’ts of parenthood + discipline.

Does the punishment always fit the crime? No. Do I ever regret the level of discipline Reegan gets? Yes. I’m a work in progress there is no doubt about that. I am eager to work in some reading on early child development {Bright Start suggested by V} + pray to the Big Guy for guidance and patience.

Sidenote: Church that day was about Integrity. I hope to always be improving the Integrity of the person, Christian, wife, parent, etc. that I am. And I hope that this is an example that I can pass onto my children + that they know that sometimes in life we need to enjoy the moment and if it means bending a rule and putting our foot on a table then so be it! :)

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Auntie Heather said...

Great pics sista! I love 'em!