Monday, July 16, 2012

{Parenting 101 | Wear This Not That}

So the hubs and I were recently discussing my Instagram {Intsa} account and that when I look at other peoples pictures I'm floored by some of the comments that people leave...there are bullies + racists + and people that are just down right inappropriate with their comments {note to self if Reegan ever gets an Insta account heavily monitor!!!} I can't believe that people feel that they are allowed to be so nasty via internet...I'm sure most wouldn't say these things in person but they don't have to be held accountable when they can hide safely behind their computers. 

I also follow some of my favorite bloggers too on Insta. I was recently a little taken back when one of my favs commented on how her little girl was wearing too much pink but that it was OK because this all pink outfit was jammies {aka not seen out in public.} WOW! Then the dewsey came when someone else comments how "it's so inevitable! So tacky but it's almost cute when {children} are in the stage of being a super girly girl!" DOUBLE WOW!  I felt bad for poor baby girl. I don't even know how I would handle it if that was my child being scrutinized because of the color of clothing. So I simply commented that "She is adorbs in any color of the rainbow!"...but then it got me thinking about my own color choices for my children. 

I took women studies in college so I know all about parenting choices not to let children watch TV, Disney movies, wear gender specific clothing, etc. My thoughts first of all are that I don't think anything to do with children should be considered tacky...I mean it's a baby people! I also believe that until they can make their own choices it shouldn't matter what color, pattern, etc. they are wearing. I guess what I'm trying to say is that baby fashions are definitely not the most important thing in the world of parenting to me. I am more concerned about what Reegan is eating, how much TV she is watching, how much reading we are doing with her, when we should convert her to a toddler bed, how we will break her of her binky and bottle, etc. Honestly, the color of her clothing has never even been a worry of mine in the least bit. Pink for girls is difficult to avoid in today's society. Does this bother And actually pink used to be a color selected for boys and blue was for can Google it. I would add a citation to back this up but a squirmy baby boy in my arms while blogging has other ideas. LOL!

So I decided to go in my phone and hunt for picture of Reegan that show a good color spectrum. And guess what?! I only had one pink outfit and it was florescent don't be fooled this girl owns pink but I have a lot less pictures than I would have thought. So here is the color variety that Reegan sports some of the time. 

So what I see here is a little girl that loves to eat ice cream (oops is twice to much to show?!), loves to wear glasses, and loves to smile. I wouldn't normally bother to notice that here is a little girl wearing pink, yellow, fluorescent yellow, mint green, multi-colored and brown outfits. I hope that we all put our time into the most important me the previous first description is the one that counts. :)

And why do you worry about clothes? See how the lilies of the field grow. They do not labor or spin. Matthew 6:28

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Auntie Heather said...

Love this post sista! First thing I noticed in the pics was that BEAUTIFUL face! I did notice the clothes, but only because they are SO DANG CUTE! Cannot wait to get that chevron patterned romper as a hand me down for Scarlett!

aubrey kinch said...

Some people are just crazy; if they find time to be demeaning to others, they need to find a new hobby!

Reegs looks adorable as always and who cares if it's pink?! Let the girl sparkle in whatever color happens to be in her closet!

Unknown said...

Total Agree with Aubrey! I never really thought about what colors the kids wear. When they are little stores are set up so it is almost impossible not to put a boy in blue or girl in pink. I used to put Paris in purple but only because it was my favorite color! ;) She LOVES pink and I don't see her removing that color from her wardrobe ever. I personally am only put off by the kids whose parents think it is totally acceptable to go the store in nothing but a diaper! I would MUCH rather see them head to toe in neon pink! (to clarify I am put off by the parents not the cuties who can not do anything about it!)

Rachel Harding said...

I couldn't have said it better! "Let her sparkle in whatever is in her closet!" Well said Mizz Kinch! Ehhh Rachel I have TOTALLY taken my babes to the store in just a diap {as infants}...this is something I'm not proud of BUT I always hide them under a blanket or something. Also this would be like if I had to get to a store, post office or something before it closed and couldn't get it together. Bahaha!