Tuesday, July 24, 2012

{Taking the Plunge}

This past weekend we went to support Trevor and Shannon as they were able to commit to Him and Take the Plunge at their baptism. It was a hot day but it was WONDERFUL to get out of the house and enjoy our family!

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Of course she found a stick..she is my lil' nature lover!

BUT always a lady with her pinky out.

They make my life BRIGHT.

Just bein' CUTE!

Are you smiling at her yet?!

A family that coordinates outfits together stays together! LOL!

Daddy was able to hunt her down a cool treat even though they were only for the people getting baptized....shhhhhhhh! ;)

Can you spy a mommy holding a Fletch?! LOL!


kacia said...

you are too gorgeous!!! And i wish we were neighbors.

Also? Your comment - link to Hayley/Tiny Twig - was everything I needed.

You're the best!

Heather Stevens said...

What a fun day! Love that you all COOOOOOORDINATE ;)