Tuesday, July 31, 2012

{The Crafts | Letter + Felt Chevron Wreath}

photography credit: Flecky Fotography

Have you met my friend Lindsay's boys?! HOW CUTE ARE THEY????? The boys + dad all have names that start with the letter "Q" so when she said "Hey Rache can you help with a prop for their photo shoot?" I knew exactly what to make. A "Q" wreath. I knew they were wearing some yellow but that was it as far as attire details. So I decided to use a colorful range of felt I already had at home to make a chevron pattern around the wreath {wish I would have added some red and orange too.} But either way I just died over the final results.

photography credit: Flecky Fotography

photography credit: Flecky Fotography

They are too cute for their own good! I mean seriously the youngest reminds me of what's his name?! Anyway here is the How To AKA Adventures of the Ugly Blue Tarp on making a letter + felt chevron wreath.

You'll need:
Apprx. 5-6 sheets of felt
Hot Glue
Fabric Scissors
Wood Letter
Wood Circle / Wreath

First I spray painted the letter so that it had PLENTY of time to fully dry before I adhered it to the wreath.

Next I collected all the colored sheets of felt I wanted to use for the project and I created a template to make the wreath uniform in shape + size and it also made the cutting process a lot faster + easier.

Then I traced the template onto the felt for easy cutting with my fabric scissors.

And repeat, repeat, repeat...

As seen here. :)

Once you have all your pieces cut out lay them out in the order you like and then start to glue them onto the wreath. 

I glued one piece on top of the next and folded the sides back for a nice finished look.

After glueing + layering + folding over and over and over I had the wreath complete. The hard part is done. Next I simply added hot glue to the back of where the letter would be placed onto the wreath and backed it all with felt for extra support and VIOLA! 

photography credit: Flecky Fotography

Fabulous + inexpensive + easy photo prop or nursery / room decor or whatever you might be able to use it for! Hope you love this project! Are you going to make this? Where + what will yours be for?

Be sure to follow us for some free printable designs coming very soon! 

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Heather Stevens said...

I LOVE IT! I MUST have one for Scarlett's nursery! Oh and those boys are getting more and more handsome! Cannot believe how big they've gotten!