Friday, July 20, 2012

{Watch Fletcher Grow | 4 O'Clock Month}

Very late this month but that would be thanks in part to not being able to find the camera know where it was? In the camera bag where it should be that I looked through NOT ONCE BUT TWICE. SHEESH! Anyway I keep telling auntie and daddy I don't see any differences on these monthly pics yet BUT upon further review of the past series it looks like Fletcher has lost what little hair he had when we was born, gained some scratch marks from his eczema, his eyes are getting a little darker and he is just starting to look more like a big boy. :) I know I'm going to look back at these monthly pics soon and be sad because he is growing so fast. *tear*

Some other cute pics that didn't make the final collage but are too cute not to post!!!

These little monthly photo sessions are a family event for sure. We all go to Reegan's room because it has the best lighting even at the end of the day. She and daddy usually are playing around with legos or building forts while mommy is working feverishly to get Fletcher to smile and be cute before his hunger meltdown. This time everyone was pitching in to get lil' man to smile...and just acting all around goofy. Had to sneak this ├╝ber cute one of Reegs being silly with daddy.  

Do you see any other differences in his monthly progression?


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Auntie Heather said...

Awww my little Fletch Man is growing up so quickly! As always, it makes my day to see pics of my sweet little nephew and niece! Can't wait to see them in 5 months!!!! Give them hugs and kisses from Auntie!!