Monday, August 6, 2012

{Adventures of Being a MaaaGyver}

*GASP* You can use that for what?! Me sporting a MacGyver leather jacket and "mullet"...I = the ultimate nerd!!!

AKA Mommy MacGyver! So as we all know life calls us to get creative in some situations and when we enter parenthood situations {cough diaper blow outs cough cough} can catch us off guard at any given time. So what do we do?! Improvise like what's his name?! Armed with his mullet and leather jacket this guy was able to make a device out of a toothbrush, duct tape, a swiss army knife and some paperclips. LOL! So my friend Vanessa {her soda box suggestion is just UTTER GENIUS and I want to do the clear sheet bags too!!!} and I got to comparing some of our MaaaGyver inventions. Check hers out and here are some of mine:

Bobby Pins AKA Booger Pins. These little guys have allowed me to snag some green goblins by slipping the back end to the side and and hook them out. We also narrowly avoided a trip to the ER when Reegan shoved a raisin really far up her nose. {Disclaimer I don't recommend that everyone use this works for me. However, I have to be uber careful about leaving bobby pins laying around because Reegan has tried to use them on herself in the past. So beware!}

Liquid Load Up. Use a prescription syringe to transfer liquid from a larger to smaller container. This is most effective for lotion/conditioner transfers into smaller bottles since they are thicker than shampoos.   

Pumping Purified. Us pumping mommies typically + ideally pump b milk into bottles + storage bags for either baby or freezer. Buuuuut what happens if you forget the bottles or like me have a glass bottle break in your pump bag?!..DON'T USE GLASS BOTTLES! LOL! In enters the purified water bottle option or similar containers to CAREFULLY hold under pump attachments to catch milk and store in the refrigerator. Water bottles open just enough for Medela attachment base to fit into but this is quite the tricky process to pump and balance the bottles without spilling but lets face it we wouldn't ever do this unless we were in a pinch. ;) Gotta save that liquid gold at any cost!

Eggcellent Catch All Containers. Pretty self explanatory. I would recommend to use a wax paper liner if you were going to use an egg carton for snacks...just incase there was a cracked egg that leaked on the carton.

Lego Looking. When looking for specific legos flip over a mega block to quickly sort the pieces in the bottom.

Candle Container. A fun way to use those fancy candle containers. I decked Reegan's room out in Liberty but was afraid that if these candle stands fell over that a heavy glass candle could do serious damage. So we have displayed pretty empty candle boxes ontop of beautiful bases for safeties sake.

Straw Hat Strap. A fun way to alter the look of a straw hat is to add a belt around the base. This toddler straw hat looked a little girly {definitely a boys hat} so I added a belt to make it a little more masculine and lets face it just an over all better hat with a cool color pop.

Snot Sucker. This profesh baby gadget is one for the books! My second seems to have more problems with congestion and even the handy dandy hospital syringe bulb {middle} can't get drainage from his mini nostrils...and don't even waste your time with other rubber bulbs {left} although cute they don't work. The NoseFrida is a weird concept and requires some serious sucking but its so worth it to hear baby breathing easy.

Hope you found some helpful ideas + tips! Do you have any MaaaGyver gadgets to share?!

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That pic of you is HILAR sista! I am gonna have to do a post with my Mommy tips! Great ideas ;)

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