Tuesday, August 21, 2012

{Adventures of Being a MaaaGyver}

More tips on getting creative while bein' mommy aka MaaaGuyver Adventures!

What to do with all those Bucks drink carriers that we are all snagging to conveniently carry mass amounts of coffee....let's face it none of us are getting sleep and caffeine is a MUST! What about repurposing these carriers for sippy cups when traveling or to have wee ones assist with lightening your load...

Also try and see if some containers to store tiny crafting goods, tools, etc. would fit in these freebie holders. ;)

Of course my doll had to get in on this drink carrying action.

As some of you may know I recently was traveling with the family to Denver for my brother-in-law's wedding. It just so happened that my friend Vanessa + family were in Denver as well. I gave her some traveling tips for baby. I had forgotten that I by accident found out on a previous trip of my own that a scarf is probably the best kept secret of traveling mommies! It not just a fashionable blanket wrapped around your neck but it also can be used as a drool catcher, sleeping mask {obvi monitored for this purpose...come on people!!!}, chew toy, hooter hider, burp rag, sun shade and much, much more! See my guy playing with my scarf below and Vanessa's guy being monitored as they use it as a sleep mask.

Try it on your next trip! You are welcome in advance.

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