Wednesday, August 15, 2012

{Bookworm Party VII - Vintage Bookshelf}

photo credit: Flecky Fotography

photo credit: Flecky Fotography

We survived the bookworm party and now it's time to start sharing the pictures and how to on our party related projects with you. First up to bat is a FABULOUS vintage book shelf that I thrifted some time ago for about $7. This bookshelf had so much charm but I knew I needed to make it a little more whimsy and not so dark and dated. 

I simply layered on glossy white spray paint in about 3-4 stages allowing for time to dry in between. On a past project I sprayed the paint on too thick and it started don't make my mistake. This time I took my time on the application. I had intended to spray it with even more white glossy paint as well as tier three shades of green on the shelves but I think I like it just the way it turned out. 

I do recommend using a primer even though I didn't because I found that the spraypaint will easily scratch off the bookshelf. It's fine with me though because I think it adds to it's vintage appeal.

photo credit: Flecky Fotography

What do you think of my renovation? Also do you see something wrong with the picture above? LOL! Leave it to me!!!!


Chantel said...

I am loving the color. I'm having a major white obsession these days.

Rachel Harding said...

I told hubs in our next house I want all the walls to be white. LOL! I love how you can still slightly see the dark color through the paint on the bookshelf. It gives it a nice aged feel + I'm happy to see the wood grain still.

Heather Stevens said...

Great job sista! I love that you only paid $7 for your bookshelf! I need to take some thrifting lessons from you!

Unknown said...

Great project. The white just completely changes the piece. :) (visiting from A Night Owl)

Rachel Harding said...

I's amazing what treasures that some people think are trash!!! Thank you sista for the love and support!

Rachel Harding said...

Thank you thank you for stopping by my neck of the woods. It's crazy how something do simple can change a piece from drab to fab!

Unknown said...

I keep looking and can't find anything wrong with the pictures... Anyway, I like the idea of painting vintage furniture in a color that goes best with your home. Our books are on bookshelves and the boar books are in a special basket for our toddler to have easy access to them.

Rachel Harding said...

Thanks Maribel! Yeah I was HEART BROKEN to see a bookshelf vintage book got left out and unattended and my daughter ripped it. OUCH! I'm going to have to make a rule in the house on book does and don'ts. Or maybe do baskets like you said. Thanks for coming by! xo!