Thursday, August 2, 2012

{Dear Children}

Dear Reegan & Fletcher,

Just be yourself, amazing, wonderful, happy, helpful, respectful, responsible, kind, sweet, grateful, vulnerable, loving, thoughtful, thankful, endearing, giving, open minded, fun, carefree, motivated, or anything that makes up special you! Just be. I love you both unconditionally forever. Mommy.

Design Credit: Rachel Harding <--- that's me | Inspiration


Anonymous said...

Those two words together are so powerful. I hope my kids can live by this more than I was able to. We each have to be proud of who we are. Thanks for sharing love!!


sophistifunk said...

This is so sweet!

Chelsea said...

This was the sweetest post ever! How adorable :) Saying hello from your AWESOME giveaway over at Sophistifunk! I hope you had an amazing weekend!

bridechilla said...

Chelsea thank you so much! I figure if I make my parenting messages pretty they might actually listen. LOL!

Welcome and thank you for the comment!

Meg {henninglove} said...

wow these photos are gorgeous!! and thanks for the giveaway over at sophistifunk

Heather Stevens said...

As ALWAYS loving your designs, SO MUCH! XO!