Monday, August 6, 2012

{Fletcher's 6ish Month Photo Shoot}

Ryan: Hat & Shirt Target | Jeans Lucky | Shoes Chuck Taylor Rachel: Dress BCBG | Necklace JCrew | Earrings DownEast Basics | Bracelets Family Heirlooms | Shoes Target

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Stepped out last weekend and got family photos taken by the AMAZING Ashley Hanawalt Photography. I had to share what she posted on the ole' Facebook. Here are some of the fab pics and there are definitely more to come very soon! I have to give Ashley some MAJA {major in British accent...I know I'm random} props! Although these pics look amazing don't be deceived! We literally had hair stuck to our faces from melting away in the Arizona heat, the kidelets were grumpy and Reegan got bitten up by ants that were all over the place and I wanted to just die at the end of the seesh when I discovered I had button up Fletcher's second outfit wrong. I was confident I would have ZERO pictures to show for that hour family photo session....and this is what I got. Hands down wonderful work by Ashley...don't even know why I was fretting. Check out the rest of our sesh here and be sure to like and comment at the end of our posting!

Going strong after 12 years together...and I love that Ashley took a moment for us parents. We rarely jump in just the two of us. And even though baybays were fussing these pictures were so worth the couple minutes that we posed together.
Fletcher: Hat & Shirt H&M | Pants Old Navy | Loafers Cole Hann | Suspenders Borrowed but were H&M

Seriously how is it that the children dress wayyyyy better than daddy and I?! 


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Lovely photos of you two as a couple, by my, your little one looks adorable!!

Brie Bemis @ Sophistifunk said...

love love love these photos! your dress is gorgeous and i just wanna squeeze fletcher's cheeks!

Alisha said...

Your little one is absolutely adorable!! Love that outfit on him and that hat is to die for. You and your husband look fabulous. And no one would've know the story behind the photos. You guys are stunning!

Stopping by from Brie's blog and giveaway! Great job on her design too!!

My-cliffnotes said...

Your family is beautiful! But Obvi you already know that!

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Great shoot sista! But then again what shoot with the Hardings isn't?!?! ;)

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