Wednesday, August 22, 2012

{I Need Cash}

AND SO IT BEGINS. At only 2 years old Reegan has discovered what cash is! How?! No idea. I don't like it though. Haha! Gift cards, bills...she knows it's valuable. She runs around waving it in the air saying "I need cash! My cash!" It's peculiar because we usually never even have cash laying around the house. I'm going to have to remind daddy that I'm the only lady that can have free reign over the wallet though...that is for sure! LOL!

Also just look on the mane this kid is sporting. Too bad she is never getting a haircut. Ehhhhh! Well she will but just expect that I will be sobbing in the corner! ;)

Do share a recent discovery your lil' one has made! Fletcher has figured out he has hands now. Haha! I just love watching them grow + develop.


Unknown said...

Im the same with my little girls hair, i'm not going to cut it ever!

Rachel Harding said...

I just cringe at the thought of ever cutting those locks!