Tuesday, August 14, 2012

{Mommy's Morning Madness}

So for you mommies out there that have that question how do we deal with baby in the morning and get ready. Answer...you don't. LOL! Either you get ready and let babes fuss {unless you have perfect angels who let you do your thing every morning} OR you deal with them and don't completely get ready for the day. WOMP! I know, I know what a party pooper I am. Wait for iiiiiiit though...I do have some helpful tips on how to distract + deal with angry mini people in the morning. So my #1 thing is to get creative! 

#1 Getting Creative - Seriously for my guy there isn't anything I can't do with him as long as he is in a baby carrier...when in the Bjorn he is happy as a clam. SO that means mommy does things like blow drying + styling hair with baby attached. :)And he happens to be OK with the hair dryer noise. WINNING!

#2 Distractions - There is nothing wrong with strapping them into their highchair with a snack or breakfast and throwing on their favorite show while you sit next to them and attempt a quick make up session.

#3 Set Up - Where do they like to be set up? Have you considered things like the carseat? A number of times my little ones are content in one spot but not in another. I can get more time out of lil man in the carseat or laying on my bed than if he is in his Rock and Play these days.

#4 Basic Needs - Have you dealt with the most important things? Full belly, clean diaper, etc. I know it's like duhhh but if one of these things are not met your going to have a downward spiraling child who will surely have a total meltdown.

#5 Planning planning planning - Guys I'm terrible at this. No...REALLY horrible but my friend Vanessa is amazing so check out some of her tips {down to the nitty gritty}. Ideally what I would do is get ready as much as I could at night...showered, hair partially styled, etc. Have outfits laid out. Have bottle bags + diaper bags + anything else the kids will need at daycare or school packed and ready to go the night before. What Ryan and I usually do it divide and conquer...I get the kids dressed and he will pack the bottle bag. But usually it's a bit of a scramble in the morning...who am I kidding?! total chaos... to do what we should have done the night before. Hey sometimes chilling on the couch is much needed at the end of the day. The morning is going to be a scramble whether you're all packed up + ready or not. ;) Also as part of planning make sure you are up at a hour that will allow you enough time to accomplish everything. Ryan and I usually fail at this thanks to sleepless night with little man...between his teeth and eczema we are usually up often. But hey we are tired no matter what so may as well get up an extra hour early so we aren't late. LOL!

And there you have it. My top five recommendations. But please remember that what works for some of us might not work for others. And some mornings everything runs smoothly...

While others do not. 

Have any tips of your own? PLEASE DO SHARE! 


Jamie said...

Glad to see that we are not the only ones scrambling to get out the door each morning! Drink carrier...such a great idea!

Rachel Harding said...

Oh yeah girl! We NEVER know what we are gonna get with these two cuties. I just to LOVE to plan but I just had to relax about that or I would go crazy...my family is unpredictable but I love them to death obvi. ;) thin

Yeah I haven't used the drink carriers yet but hey if it works for toting coffees + treats and more...than it should work for cups + baby things too. LMK how it works if you try it! :D