Wednesday, August 8, 2012

{Sleeping Snoozers}

Recently inspired by Heather's post I wanted to do a series of various sleeping pictures of the kiddos. There are really some GREAT pics here! ENJOY!


Doing the wave + sleeping...not an easy task.

Catching zzz's on mommy & daddy's bed.

Uhhh we all have drooled at one time or another when sleeping. Haha! Spit happens. ;)

Slumbering on a blanky that is mommy's fav color.

Bed marks.

One arm up while sleeping with grandma.

Hiking shcmiking I'm sleeping....Fletch was not impressed with the beautiful desert scenery I guess.

Looking at his tiny digits I had to smooch and photo that moment.

Sharing nap time with cousin Scarlett the night before she was born.

Sleeping in Scarlett's crib after she arrived {she was in her Rock and Play}....I'm sure he was thinking I'll keep your spot warm Scarlett. ;)

One eyes fishy face like his cousin here.

I'm on a boat! Errr I mean passed out on a plane.

Sleeping like mommy with his mouth wide open. Catching flies?

Kickin it in his Rock and Play criss cross applesauce style.


Reegan sleeping + sunbathing when she first arrived home.

Snoozing with Ellie on mommy & daddy's bed.

Fancy pants rocking her bracelet and getting her beauty sleep in her crib.

Not impressed with the beautiful desert scenery either...a family thing I guess. SHEESH!

Thinking man...kinda.

She loved to hold her face and just look at those chub cheeks!

Snacking and snoozing! Mommy's fav pic so we get two versions. LOL!

Wish I would skip some snacks and sleep through my meal instead...less calories. Haha!

Sitting + sleeping with daddy.

I'm on a boat! Errr I mean passed out on a plane...Reegan version.

She used to sleep like this at the sitters but never did this at home. Luckily the lovely Rachel shared this pic with us. :)

Chill car ride nap.

She currently sleeps like this where she shoves her face into her crib bumper. LOL! Crazy kid!

Hope you loved these throw back and current pics. Thankfully nobody runs around and takes pics of me's not a good look! Trust you me! Bahaha!


Unknown said...

She still sleeps like that sometimes! Lol.

Heather Stevens said...

I just love those sleeping babes! Such a sweet post! Puts a smile on this Auntie's face!!!

Vanessa said...

The one with her lil bum in the air MELTS ME

Rachel Harding said...

Yeah my favs are Fletch doing the wave, criss cross applesauce, Reegan butt in air {THANKS Rachel T.} and sleeping in high chair. Love those snoozers so so much!