Tuesday, August 14, 2012

{Splash Pad AKA iPad}

Ummmm WOW my friend Lindsay has an AMAZING community center that includes a kiddy pool and splash pad which Reegan refers to as an iPad often..."I go to iPad...water." It's so funny and I have to try and get this on video. Well anyway we had an amazing time {a couple weeks ago} and Reegan was was sooo disappointed to leave. We actually already went back again this last weekend and so I knew it was about time I posted about our first trip....SHEESH! Blog back up much?! 

So on the first trip out I didn't know that Fletch and I could join in on the water fun...so why not go dressed as twins?! LOL! Because a family that dresses the same stays together....errrrr! Haha!

What do you think of my messy bun look? It's tough to do a cute bun with shorter hair {wannabe sock bun}....or a least I think it is. But since we were hanging out in the heat I KNEW I was going to want my hair up.

Here is the the spash pad crew. How cute are they?! I mean REALLY it's just not right! Fletch has the adorbs factor on max capacity in the two bottom pictures...that smile and gnawing on his mitten *sigh* I luvs him!

The crew had lots of fun snacking + playing + running errr walking...soooo not the kind of parent that let's their baby run around water.

Fletch and I eventually joined in the fun to cool down a bit because even in the shade we were cookin. I mean look at his lil fat rolls...of course with all that insulation he would have to take a dip. LOL!

The gem picture of the bunch?

Before and after the water activities...can we say Baby Kardashian?! Look out Mace...Reegan def looks like she could be Kim's baby here. 

I mean what the?! She is sportin bootie all the way around. Oh that is for sure a Lil' Swimmers Diaper that is meant for the pool and soooo not a Pull Ups Princess Diaper that would absorb nearly all the water practically leaving the pool bone dry. Uhhhh I know people...lesson learned. But hey you are laughing + smiling by now right?!

What have your summer activities included? Are your kidlets back to school this week? I have definitely been sporting a pouty face seeing via social networks all youngsters that are starting to school. Time just flies by too fast! I'm going to be a mess when my time comes. EEK!


Heather Stevens said...

LOVING your Mommy n' me outfit with Fletch! ADORBS! Ryan does have a bootie, so Reegs may be sporting that rump in the future HAHAHA!!! ;D

Tiffany said...

lol. I love the pull up blow up! But I seriously think we all do it at least once! I know we have!
where dud you find the matching tops?!?!