Monday, September 24, 2012

{ Me That You Love Me More!}

LIKE I SAID {Twi ref} not prophase. LOL! NERD ALERT. Anyway it's Fletcher's fourth tooth! It came in! :) Last week...we will say September 21st. Hehe! I think a lot of us, Ryan and I included, can't believe how fast he is cutting these teeth.

We are definitely paying the price with some sleepless nights. But sleepless nights and all I love that little man more and more everyday. He even got some extra kisses {after one of his worst up all night stunts} as I pulled him out of the car for daycare this morning. So it truly is 1 {tooth}, 2 {teeth}, 3 {teeth}, 4 {teeth...Fletcher we love you more!


Anonymous said...

I love this little man! Even though he may not think so at 3:00 am, it is all love. I can't believe how fast he is growing. Nice picture of his teeth Momma.



Rachel Harding said...

Yeah the 3am hour is the true test!!!! Growing crazy fast. :(