Thursday, September 6, 2012

{Eachother's Biggest Fan}

I love to see how my two kidlets interact at this point in their lives. Reegan and Fletcher just LOVE to be around each other + get each other giggling like no other. What a sight it is to see. I ran across this AWESOME picture from our recent photo session and just had to share. 

photo credit: Ashley Hanawalt Photography

Currently Reegan can make Fletcher laugh by just being around him...seriously she doesn't even have to be doing anything to get a chuckle out of him. It's amazing how she has such an effect on him. I wonder if he could speak what he would say to her. I'm not worried though because I already staked claim on his first word! ;) Second will likely be sister or Reegan I think. Sorry daddy. LOL!

Reegan is at the age where it's hard to get her to do anything on our first request. One thing that she is ALWAYS more than happy to do is to kiss brother + hug brother + make brother laugh + go play with brother....everything else is questionable on whether she will actually listen or not. LOL! 

I'm so thankful to Him that he has given me two little miracles that love each other to pieces.


Unknown said...

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Rachel Harding said...

Thank you Nelle! They are so sweet together!