Monday, September 24, 2012

{Lia Sophia - It's for a Good Cause}

Oh really?! Another candle, kitchenware, clothing, jewelry thing that us ladies are plagued with?! I'm just like the next person...Please do not solicit! should be hung from my neck. I do not have time for these things. EXCEPT I was hooked at my friend Jessica's party and on my own accord decided to pursue this venture. But why? Because I have extra time? Pfffffff! Because I love jewelry? Yes but no. Because I want to have parties with my girls? Sure but NO. So like most things in my life my every move + motivation + decision is center around 3 factors...Him, my husband and my kids. So the real reason I have decided to go after this is because I want to pay NICU bills off and consider this part of my Journey to 30. I feel like I'm being guided down this path. Why else would a person who so passionately avoids these types of things jump feet first in without much prompting?! Do I think I will fail....probably. But I know what is meant to be will be. And I have trust...undying the One that guides us through life. I already feel the love and support surrounding me on this venture from family and friends. I hope it will continue and I will be able to reach a personal goal mentioned above and see where this takes me. So when...not if...I come knocking on your door via email, text, postcards...simply *sigh* and tell yourself this solicitation is for a good that some of you like to read about here on the blog.  

So if you're thinking to buy something that sparkles let me know if you would like to direct it towards the little lights in my life. As always appreciative for any support...verbal + encouragement + orders + etc. etc.

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