Wednesday, September 5, 2012

{Our Little Artist}

Last night we were desperately seeking Susan HAHA ways to keep little lady busy. LIGHT BULB...DING! Painting. We have an awesome kids art kit for her and decided to bust it open. And so a mini artist was born. :)

She certainly had a fun time. And kept saying "I paint" over and over again. Here are her supplies and her masterpiece.

Aftewards we had a fun snack. Some leftovers from her party. Ice cube gummi worms. Just pour purified water in an iced tray and a couple worms per cube {put worm in FIRST}. They were VERY tasty. 

Not sure what is up with her new sour face....LOL! But I call it her Sour Patch Kids look...first sour and then sweet. 


Heather Stevens said...

I SERIOUSLY LOVE Reegan's new faces that she makes! They put a smile on Auntie's face every time! Let' face it most times they make me laugh out loud!! :D

Rachel Harding said...

A face only a mother and auntie could love. LOL!